İZBAN Employees Passed Passive Resistance Before Strike

Izban employees pass through passive resistance before strike
Izban employees pass through passive resistance before strike

📩 07/11/2018 18:53

İZBAN workers passed passive resistance. Workers do not cut their beards before the strike and wears black ribbons.

There was no agreement in the collective bargaining agreements between the Railroad Workers Union and Izmir Suburban Systems (İZBAN). İZBAN employees started passive resistance. The union demanded a raise of 28, while the management offered a raise of 14. Hence, the parties were left without the agreement. Hüseyin Ervüz, Head of the Railroad Workers' Union, said, üz We will keep the negotiation path open to the end. Now we're waiting for the mediator's report. 60 6 days after the report will be able to take a decision to strike in advance of the XNUMX days, '' he said. In the meantime, İZBAN employees pass passive resistance before the strike, does not cut their beards and wears a black ribbon.

Passive resistance passed

Three days after the mediator appointed by the ministry, the report will report the future of the report. In İZBAN, where passive resistance begins, workers wear black ribbons and they do not cut their beards. Hüseyin Ervüz, the head of the Railway Workers' Union, said that they could not get results from the talks. Al It was a difficult process. 60 percent of our demand against our demand for the 28 percent proposed. From the 14 item we want to change, they only accept 13. Under these circumstances, we cannot agree. We don't want a mechanic to train a thousand 3 TL. Now we're waiting for the mediator's report. After the report comes 878 60 days in advance of the decision to strike on the condition that we will be able to take the strike. Rapor



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