Full Support for ATSO Projects

ATSO Delegation, consisting of the members of the Board of Directors of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, continued to talk about its projects and projects and full support for the projects of Civil Society Organizations of our province.

A delegation of ATSO Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş and members of the Board of Directors made a visit to MÜSİAD, Chamber of Agriculture, Craftsmen and Artisans Credit and Surety Cooperative, Cattle Breeders Association and TÜMSİAD.

President of MÜSİAD Eyüp Dağdaş, President of the Chamber of Agriculture Emin Koçak, President of the Artisan Bail Bonds Cooperative, Yaşar Altın, Chairman of the Cattle Breeders' Association, Bekir Kayan and TÜMSİAD President İlker Başgan.

The NGOs gave full support to the Mega projects, which will guide the future of Aksaray industry, and stated that in order to solve the railway problem, a common point should be met and serious steps should be taken.

ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş stated that they told about the project files and problems in the issuance to Ankara. "Turkey is our report we have prepared for Mega Projects on our visit to the Grand National Assembly, we have delivered our MPs.

We are waiting for permission for the realization of these projects that will open the horizon of Aksaray. With the approval of the permits, we will start the projects quickly and move our province to the year of 2023.

In this sense, we are trying to come together with our Presidents of Civil Society Organizations and we are guiding our works faster with their support. In addition, the problem of the railway problem in our city is not encountered in the near future, the investors to see the center of attraction to see the problems of the need to go over the common point met.

The important thing here is to provide a solution to the problem without leaving a door that has not been taken as a whole. If we meet with the power of common reason, the problems will be solved. If we are aware of this, our vision for Aksaray will come to life sooner or later.

In this sense, due to our beliefs, trust and support in our visits to the President of MÜSİAD, Eyüp Dağdaş, the President of MÜSİAD, Emin Koçak, President of the Chamber of Agriculture Credit Cooperative, Yaşar Altın, President of the Cattle Breeders Association, Bekir I would like to thank Kayan and TÜMSİAD President İlker Başgan on behalf of our Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is the pioneer company of our business world a.

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