Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island Get Good

Aycicegi valley and bicycle island get no
Aycicegi valley and bicycle island get no

Speaking at the opening of the Sunflower Valley and Cycling Island, President Toçoğlu said, ü In addition to being an important area for sports, our project will be an environment where people can live and breathe on the 365 day of the year with their cafeteria, children's play areas, ornamental pool, picnic areas and camellia isi; Vice President Yavuz, Sakarya said that a great project was gained. Governor Balkanlıoğlu said, sah The name of Sakarya will be on the world stage with this facility. Val

The Sunflower Valley and Cycling Island, which were realized by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, were opened with a magnificent ceremony. Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, as well as Governor Irfan Balkanlıoğlu, AK Party Deputy Chairman Ali İhsan Yavuz, AK Party deputies Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek, Kenan Sofuoğlu, AK Party Provincial Chairman Fevzi Kılıç, district mayors, district presidents, SUBÜ Rector Professor Dr. Mehmet Sarıbıyık, SESOB President Hasan Alişan, Sakaryaspor President Cevat Ekşi, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Fatih Çelikel, ASKF President Yaşar Zımba, muhtars and thousands of citizens took part.

Demonstrations standing ovation
The program started with bicycle and motor shows. The show team, who had exciting moments to the audience, were followed with appreciation of the shows he performed. After the opening, the 200 bicycle was distributed to winners. It was announced that 300 will be presented to citizens more.

Important projects in the city
Adapazarı Mayor Süleyman Dişli said, tesis If you have been made by our Metropolitan Municipality today, we have gathered in the opening of the plant. I would like to thank our Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, who provided us with this facility in Adapazarı. Our governor, deputies and municipalities hand in hand with beautiful projects. May Allah allow us to see the opening of more facilities. Allah

We gave importance to sports
Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, who started his speech by wishing Ayıciçeği Valley and Bicycle Island to be beneficial, said: ı We have given importance to sports since the first day and we made investments. We tried to make Sakarya known as a sports city and to make a name for itself with different sports activities. We wanted to emphasize the importance of Sakarya Sports; from the young to the old, become a place where everyone can spend their time comfortably. We have identified ourselves as a goal to bring our citizens together with sports, and to make a sports city, Sakarya, even more powerful in sporting activities. The synthetic sites we built in the districts, infrastructure facilities, sports fields, living centers and the Bicycle Island, where we have opened the opening, are a reflection of this approach. Thanks to these sports fields we built, we hope that our city will have new world champions and successful athletes. We know that the new, world and olympic champions of our country will come out of these areas, all the world in front of the national anthem to have our flag to wave and have to have in order to wave; it will learn in our sports fields. bu

We expand the use of bicycles
I Our Sakarya has taken on a major role in hosting the 2020 World Mountain Bike Races. Under the auspices of our Presidency, we are making a great effort to prepare for these races which will take place in Sakarya. We are working on the adoption of a broader range of cycling sports and spreading usage. We started to give more space to bicycle paths in newly opened and renewed arteries. Metropolitan Municipality Cycling Team, our Turkey's 2 we established in our constitution. We started the application process to make a big international team and we built the Bicycle Island.

Important bicycle athletes will catch up
Ve As a product of our understanding of municipality, which respects human and nature, and adopts strengthening cultural and social life against the high floor; In accordance with our management approach aiming to spread the sport to all parts of the city, we brought the Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island to our city. With an 180 acres green area, the 3 is an international sporting area with a thousand-person tribune, 5 and 10-meter ramps and a spectacular track. With this feature, I hope to host many national and international organizations, will expand the cycling culture in our city and will lead to the development of important bicycle athletes. Bu

Be good
Acak In addition to being an important area for sports, the Sunflower Valley and the Bike Island will be an environment where people can spend their time and breathe on the 365 day of the year with their cafeteria, children's playgrounds, ornamental pool, picnic areas and camellias. Many young people will meet here with the sport of cycling and our people will be able to engage in cycling in the amateur tracks of this facility. We will continue our works in order to produce projects suitable for our Sakarya and to bring new living spaces to you. I wish our facility would be beneficial to our city and our country. I thank you all for coming orum.

Let us know the value of this facility
MP Sofuoğlu said, tes It is a great chance for Sakarya to have such a facility. I was very happy as an athlete. Thank you very much. 8 years ago I was training abroad. I could not find a facility that will do training in Turkey. My mother now I let you stay in the competition returned to his country in Turkey when I returned to my country. I did not know where to do training in Turkey. I went to the Metropolitan Mayor and wanted a runway. Thanks to him, he never made me break. Today I see that this unique plant in the world has earned us. We need to appreciate these facilities. I hope you want to ride a bike here with young people soon. Let's show here using the labor given here göster he said.

Good and lucky
MP Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek, the Sunflower Valley and the Bike Island project was hoping to be auspicious. AK Party Deputy Chairman Ali Ihsan Yavuz, ada I saw the love of our younger brothers in the Kura. We realized how awesome the project was. Participation was very nice. I am one of the people who know how rich the mayor of our Metropolitan Mayor is. We know the importance it gives to sports. I wish that this wonderful project would be beneficial to our city. Bu

Sakarya's name will be on the world stage
Governor Balkanlıoğlu, esi Sports people to stay intact, is an extremely necessary activity to think solid. There was a very nice facility here. I would like to thank the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality for providing us with this beautiful facility. Sports also plays a very important role in the development of a child. It is very important to bring such beautiful facilities to our country. International sports events. 40 hosted athletes from different countries. The 2020 will be the World Championships and the name of Sakarya will be on the world stage. It is a very thoughtful event that you will be given bikes at the opening. It is an unforgettable moment for our children. Çocuklar


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