ASO President Özdebir: "The Logistics Base is Important for Ankara's Economic Development"

Nurettin Özdebir, President of Ankara Chamber of Industry, attended the opening of Ankara Logistics Summit and Fair.

Speaking at the opening of the summit, ASO President Nurettin Özdebir said that the logistics sector in our country is thought to be transport but this perception is slowly left behind. Özdebir said, “In fact, logistics is an area that covers a wide range of products including storage, handling, packaging, after-sales services and delivery of products to other products, starting from procurement to after-sales services. It is a great blessing for us industrialists to provide services in this field from a single source. Because all of the work we need to do individually, by companies specializing in this field to increase the quality of both services and offers more economic, ”he said.

Emphasizing that new companies and new investments should be made in order to develop the logistics sector further, Özdebir said, ğ When it is considered that more than 90 of the transportation is done by road, it is understood that Ankara Logistics Base is extremely important for the economic development of Ankara. Ankara has become an important production center that is becoming more and more industrialized, producing more and moving towards the capital of the industry. In this center we are loading around 120 per day. ASO 1. The railway logistics base in the Organized Industrial Zone is also transported by 800 container rail per month. Now the road is closed due to construction. When the road is reopened, it will come to Ankara Logistics Base. Thus, combined transport, land, sea, railway, that will bring the final point of a product in the most economical way will be a place where all of the alternatives. ”

Then Özdebir participated in the opening of the fair, and then visited the stands of ASO and other companies.

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