Turkey's first domestic Electric Truck: Anadolu Isuzu NPR10 HOUSE

All R & D, design and production of NPR 10 EV was carried out by Anadolu Isuzu. Aselsan partnership was provided in the electric motor of the vehicle with high technology and a Turkish brand called Altınay was used for the battery preference. Aselsan signed electric motor; Power systems such as the motor control unit, power distribution unit, vehicle control unit and permanent magnet synchronous electric motor supported and controlled by DC / DC converters have been specially developed for this project. Altay batteries can be fully charged in a shorter time with the DC special chargers while the 4 in the AC charger is fast charging in hours.

The NPR 10 EV, the 4 clock with the AC charger, and the DC charging unit 30 have two battery systems that can be fully charged in minutes. There are 168 cells in each, including 336 cells.

The first model of the future hybrid and electric vehicle product range offered by Anadolu Isuzu and the first 100 domestic electric truck, NPR 10 EV, was invested with an investment of 4 million USD and a special team of 70 people.

Turkey's first domestic electric trucks, which will offer a new solution to carbon emissions in transport by urban NPR 0 10 EV can go with 110 km from a full charge.

NPR 100 EV with 10 electric motor, 6.6 tons carrying capacity, 335 BG and 1500 Nm torque value, wide cab, high maneuverability is shown to be the ideal vehicle in urban transportation.

Source : I www.ilhamipektas.co

Günceleme: 12/11/2020 11:10

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