The name of the 3rd Airport became clear

giant shipment to istanbul airport
giant shipment to istanbul airport

According to the information reported by Hürriyet newspaper Editor-in-Chief Vahap Munyar, 6 scientists are working for the name of the new airport. The first findings are that the names of the current leaders are given.

  • The opening of the airport will be on October 29. But his name is not yet clear. The airport code will remain as IST like in Ataturk Airport.

Hürriyet newspaper's Editor-in-Chief Vahap Munyar went to the construction site of the airport and received information from Kadri Samsunlu, CEO of İGA Airport Management Inc.


Accordingly, the name of the 6 scientist began the study of the study. The examples are:

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: The foundation of the 1920s was called Atlanta Municipal Airport. The 1971 was named after William B. Hartsfield. Maynard H. Jackson was added to the airport in 2003. In other words, Atlanta Airport, which is still the world's largest, operates under the name of two leaders who add value to a century of history.

Reagan National Airport: 1926 was founded under the name of Washington Airport. At the 1998, William Jefferson Clinton approved the Congress's decision to change Ronald Reagan to Washington Airport to honor the previous President. At that time Reagan was alive. She passed away on 2004.

Opened by William P. Hobby at Houston Airport: 1937. At the 1969, US President George Bush took the step to expand this airport. Now, although its top identity is ”Houston Airport Şimdi, it is also known as zam George Bush Intercontinental Airport Şimdi.

Bill and Hilary Clinton Airport: The airport, named Adams Fields in 1937 in Arkansas, was renamed X Bill and Hilary Clinton ıyla at 2012.


In addition, Kadri Samsunlu, CEO of IGA Airport Operations, expresses his personal opinion as follows during the work of the 6 scientist:

  • Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, is an indisputable value for our country. Such a great value should not be included in such criteria.

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