29 Happy October Happy Birthday

29 Happy Birthday 2
29 Happy Birthday 2

The foundation of a new state was laid with the victory of the Turkish War for the Independence War in which the Turkish nation fought with great effort and success.

1 The footsteps of the republican administration, which began with the abolition of the sultanate in 1922, increased with 24 July 1923 Lausanne Peace Agreement and 29 October was officially declared in the history of 1923.

Atatürk's work shaped by and large by the people in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey soenuc of a republican regime adopted enthusiastically celebrated by the Republic of Turkey was founded.

The regenerative regime of sovereignty belongs to the unconditional nation is the most appropriate form of government for the creation of the Turkish nation.

It is our primary duty to protect our republic, which is the symbol of the independence and democracy of the Turkish nation.

The foundation of our republic 95. year; Ataturk's "My humble will be a day to dust my body, but the Republic of Turkey forever will stand" celebrates recalling the words of the founder of our Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, we remember comrades and heroes martyrs respectfully.

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