2019 to Spend 3,5 Billion Liras for High Speed ​​Train Investments

2019 will be spent in 35 billion liras for rapid train investments
2019 will be spent in 35 billion liras for rapid train investments

As part of the 2019 year program of the Presidency, a total of 1,1 billion liras will be allocated for TUBITAK's R & D projects, while TCDD will be spending 3,5 billion liras for high-speed train investments.

The decision regarding the approval of the ”2019 Year Presidency Annual Program ıyla prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Strategy and Budget Directorate was published in the Official Gazette. According to the aforementioned program, exports are expected to increase by 2019 to 7,1 and 182 will increase by 3,4 and 244 will reach 62 billion dollars. In this way, foreign trade deficit is expected to decline to $ XNUMX billion dollars.

Export and import prices are expected to increase by 2019 by 1, while exports and imports are expected to increase by 6,1 and 2,4 respectively. 2019 is allocated to local governments and funds as a share of taxes for 114,3.

In order to support growth, transfers will be continued for activities and projects aiming at encouraging exports, tourism and other productive sectors and reducing inter-regional development differences. In this context, 1,5 billion pounds for KOYDES, 0,8 billion pounds for SUKAP, 166 million pounds for SODES 332 million pounds was allocated budget for development agencies. In addition, TUBITAK was allocated 1,1 billion pounds for R & D projects. TCDD was allocated 3,5 billion liras for the financing of high-speed train investments.

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