2019 will be the year of transition in automotive

2019 will be in the automotive industry
2019 will be in the automotive industry

The Association of Automotive Distributors (ODD) Chairman E. Ali Bilaloğlu and ODD General Coordinator. Hayri Erce attended the meeting where the automotive sector was evaluated and expectations for the 2019 year were also shared.

We will share our association activities with meetings

As the new Board of Directors, ODD Chairman E. Ali Bilaloğlu stated that they aimed to add new ones to the successful works of the previous administrations and aim to provide the infrastructure necessary for the future management boards to take the automotive sector forward, and that they aim to conduct meetings in order to share the activities of the association and to share the expectations of the sector. told.

In 30 year, we have taken an important path with the sector

Bilaloğlu reminded that ODD was launched in 1987 with 5 members. Ini At that time, the market was only production and about 140 was in thousand pieces. 30 years later, we reached 47 member company which represents 30 international automotive brand as ODD. While 9's total market volume reached to 480 thousand in a month, the 1 million 167 units and 9's monthly export figures reached 972 thousand, N he said.

As ODD, our mission is to share market figures quickly and transparently

Ünde Our mission is to be representative of all brands and to include all stakeholders in this field, regardless of the sales and service authorities operating in the automotive sector, faaliyet said Bilaloğlu, who stated that ODD's representation capability in the automotive sector is one of the largest and most important roof institutions; therefore to ensure that all stakeholders and decision makers meet at maximum benefit. One of the most important issues at this point is that the figures shared in the sector are transparent and comply with the laws and regulations; ensuring objective, rapid and measurable acquisition by all stakeholders and decision-makers. You can't cure any numbers you can't measure as the engineers say. As ODD, we keep the pulse of the sector with data. We provide services to contribute to the development of the sector by sharing this data with all relevant stakeholders in a fast and effective way by keeping it current. Veril

“The automotive sector is a reflection of the economy“

As of growth and downsizing trend in the automotive industry all over the world also in Turkey Bilaloğlu said it was a reflection of the economy and growth, "When we look at 2018 years, first 3 months of positive starting an economy and growth was increased 2,17 percent in the sector as a result. However, as a result of volatility and increase in foreign exchange rates and interest rates, 20 decreased by 51 in the second quarter and 2019 in the third quarter. Next year, we assume that this outlook will continue. XNUMX years as stated in the New Economy program will stabilize Turkey's economy will be a transition year. The automotive sector will be affected in the same way as the leading sector of Turkey. Our strong economy in Turkey, with our solid management process is exactly our belief that we will overcome this as soon as possible and with the least damage. We especially care about the YEP and the Total Fighting Program with Inflation programs. We will fulfill our duties as automotive industry in this regard. Bu

Erce: başlat We initiated the process of innovation ini

ODD General Coordinator at the meeting. Hayri Erce, the corporate identity of the association started the renewal process, he said. Hayri Erce stated that the companies in the automotive sector are adapting very quickly to the developments in technology, and that these developments are included in all business processes, from corporate culture to production, marketing, sales and after-sales services. Ap With the studies and improvements made by the Automotive Distributors Association, strengthening the structure of the sector will contribute to its members. Today, we will introduce the new ODD logo as an important step in the development of our corporate identity. Bugün

The Essence of Data is now much easier to achieve: Magma Data

Saying that one of the most important responsibilities of ODD is to present the information to its members and the stakeholders in the automotive sector in a timely and accurate manner, Hayri Erce said, bil This mission, which we undertook as an association, became much more important in the world where data size and value came from. ODD, 15 was carrying out sectoral data studies over a database. After the preparation and infrastructure works, we took advantage of technology innovations and moved to a more comprehensive database infrastructure. In such a dynamic and ever-evolving sector, we also renewed the ODD Database to make the information current and evaluable. In order to present such a large amount of data to our members in a fast and processable way, we have completed our studies and realized our new database called MAGMA DATA with the branding process. Magma Data, which we combine with the slogan 'TRANSFORMING THE DATA,' will now serve as a source of much more comprehensive data. '

“We are going through a sensitive process“

Erce also quoted the data on the automotive market. In As of the end of the year, 2017 has 18 market among the EU countries and the 6 market leader among the EU countries. 14 is the world leader in production maintenance and 5 is among the EU countries. However, as Ali Bey pointed out today, the 1 automotive market, which has reached up to million units and has reached a sustainable market level in recent years, is experiencing a serious contraction this year. When we look at the 9 month, the 480 sales of a thousand units, 647 a thousand units in the same period of the previous year, compared to a decrease in the rate of 26 sales is seen. We believe that at the end of the year there will be a market at 600 thousand pieces. Öyle

Turkey's automotive market, behind the potential

Car ownership rates, as well as data transfer is on the old car park and the potential of the internal market, "but the fact that Turkey has an important domestic market potential. When we look at the rates of car ownership in the world, we can see this more clearly. 199 falling car ownership per capita in Turkey with sales, far below the Western European average.

Similarly, when we look at the age of the vehicle; 20 vehicles in the car park in the passenger car on the 4,3 million units is about 16 million units, the number of vehicles between the 19-1,5 age of approximately 34 million units, in other words we see that approximately 16 XNUMX age and above, "he said.

Supporting the Internal Market of Automotive and Protecting the Ecosystem

Erce pointed out the need to protect the automotive ecosystem, said: sektör The domestic market created in recent years, the production and export of the main and sub-industry, and above all the main players of the sector and the sectors created by the employment created for our country is very valuable. Automotive is also in an important position with many other sectors. In addition to the incentive programs of the automotive sector from the locomotive sectors of our country, the development of policies that will carry the domestic market back to the level of 1 million, is the sustainability environment and the sustainability of stability. Developing and protecting the automotive ecosystem in the upcoming period is very important for the continuity and support of the competitiveness of our sector in the global automotive arena. Ön


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