Passenger Train Derails in Taiwan, 17 Dead

17 is a passenger train derailment
17 is a passenger train derailment

A train with 310 passengers derailed from Taipei to Taitung city in the northeast of Taiwan. At least 17 people were reportedly killed in the accident. Explaining that 160 people were injured in the incident, government officials said the accident occurred in the Yilan region. The accident, in which many wagons were overturned, occurred on the train line passing through the well-known coastal shores of the region.

Some of the recorded information stuck between the wagons between the passengers, accident and rescue teams were sent to the rescue teams and health teams were referred to hospitals and 30 40 passengers were recorded under the wreckage of the train was recorded.

It was stated in the accident that 8 of the train's 5 wagons were derailed, and that Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen ordered a military team of 120 to be sent to the scene.




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