100 Turkish Production F-Vision

100 turk production f vision
100 turk production f vision

4 designed and developed by Turkish engineers at 4 a month at Ford Otosan's giant R & D center in Sancaktepe. 'F-Vision', the first electric truck with level autonomous driving, has made a huge impact all over the world.

Ford Otosan's 100 electric and 4. level autonomous (driverless) truck concept F-Vision tool from this angle 2. the level is better than the autonomous Tesla Semi Truck.

8 Ford Otosan convinced American automotive giant Ford to re-enter the heavy commercial vehicle market years ago.

Developed by Turkish engineers in the 5 year, F-Max was awarded the çık 2019 International Truck of the Year Award büyük, which was the grand prize of the fair without further roadblocking. It represents commercial vehicle awards previously received is that it has developed the brand, was carrying made property in Turkey of production but all Turks, designed by engineer F-Max the award was also a first in Turkey in this respect.


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