Karakoyun Bridge Interchange Works in Progress

Karakoyun Köprülü Junction and Viaduct works initiated by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality are progressing at full speed. At the intersection where the infrastructure works were completed, the demolition of the existing bridge was started to expand the road while the installation of the wall was installed.

With the motto of a seamless transportation, the Metropolitan Municipality carries out an emergency action plan by maping the road network of Şanlıurfa and continues its work towards the plan. Launched Karakoyun Viaduct Bridge With the intersection of Akşemsetin, Suleymaniye, Hızmalı, Karakoyun and Bukhara Neighborhoods are experiencing a permanent solution to the traffic problem, while the vehicles coming from the Northwest Ring Road will be transition to the new boulevards and Sanliurfa-Gaziantep route will be provided.

In the same way, 4 million bridges over the Karakoyun stream were also expropriated. With the demolition works carried out, work is performed in a shifting manner in the area where foundation laying works are carried out.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which is taking firm steps towards becoming the locomotive of the region, continues the construction of the 13 boulevard and bridge junction at the same time in the city center and all districts.

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