Minister Turhan: Ola We Will Start a New Era in Aviation with Istanbul New Airport Ola

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, domestic and national aircraft production have stated that they have made great strides, said: Our dreams are the nightmare of someone, but we will not return from our way. Imiz

Turhan, 12. In a speech at the opening of the International Civil Aviation and Airports Fair and the Aviation Industry Supply Chain Platform (ISTANBUL AIRSHOW 2018), he said that the event is an important fair that brings together the world aviation industry and the aviation industry.

Turhan said that each period in the past was named by a name, and it was defined as the age of communication. Un If the first person were to be given a single name for all the ages left by mankind, my choice would be 'transportation'. Geç

Turhan mentioned the importance given to the transportation of states and nations from past to present and made the following evaluations:

Aba If our country was not a cradle of civilizations, would it have been subjected to such attacks from the past to the present? If we did not try to make one of the biggest airports in the world, would we be so exposed to infamous game inflation towards our nation and our country? I

“We achieved historical successes in aviation“

Turhan, from road to rail bridge country of Turkey, noting the port of airports 16 years until they literally crowning point in the transport, he stressed that they had outstanding achievements in aviation history.

In the last 16 year, the number of passengers served at airports increased from 35 to 195 million, and they started to fly to 316 at international routes. Turhan recalled that they were flying to 60.

The number of aircraft in 162'dan 510 26'ya aircraft, the number of active airports 55'dan 170'dan told that the number of countries, the number of countries in which the civil aviation deal was transferred to XNUMX.

Turhan, "29 in October with the opening of the new President of the new airport will be launched a new era in aviation." He said.

“We will not return from our way“

Turhan, Turkey's aviation infrastructure and international capabilities of that increased with each passing day, the technology they use, however, said they made an effort to be national.

Oloj Our aim in the aerospace industry is not to be the country that imports technology; Turhan said, en It is the country that produces, develops and exports technology. eden

Üretim We have come a long way in the production of domestic and national aircraft. In our new airport with 200 million passengers, it is no longer a dream to get up and down our domestic and national production planes. Our dreams are a nightmare for someone, but we're not going back. I congratulate everyone who contributed to the realization of this fair, which I believe will contribute to the development of the aviation sector. Acılık

After the speeches, Minister Turhan, with the Vice President Fuat Oktay Hürjet Project launched by the Turkish Aerospace Industries in the cockpit of the Hürjet plane was found.

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