Vision Projects Get to Antalya

Mayor Menderes Türel transforms Antalya into a brand city with its vision projects. Boğaçay Project, Konyaaltı Beach, Cruise Port, Tünektepe Project with mega projects in Antalya, the world is becoming the shining star of the steps stride.

Menderes Türel, the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, who has made a great change to Antalya by making magic touches, opened the way for Antalya to become a world city with its vision. With the support of the citizens of Antalya, President Türel, who initiated and realized the projects called Antalya Imagination el one by one, is rapidly approaching the brand city Antalya.

Boğaçayı Project started
President Türel, who started the first stage of the Boğaçay Project which will guide the future of Antalya, transforms Boğaçayı, which threatens Konyaaltı with a disaster risk, into a living area that will add great added value to Antalya. In the scope of the project, infrastructure works for flood prevention and taking the sea are continuing. Boğaçayı, which has been on the agenda for years with floods and floods, will provide support to the people of Antalya both socially and economically when the project is completed. In the other stages of the mega project, which is expected to cost around 1 billion pounds, Boğaçayı, which is the bleeding wound of Antalya, will return to the source of income with its attraction centers such as safari park, film plateau.

Konyaalti Beach was the most beautiful in the world
One of the most important projects that changed the face of Antalya Konyaalti Beach Antalya Life Park project altı Konyaalti Beach is a complete diamond diamond necklace project was completed before the completion of the project. Konyaalti Beach, which has become the most beautiful beach in the world, collects great admiration of both the public and tourists. Konyaalti Beach, which has been prioritized by pedestrians, was magnificent with its green view, walking and cycling paths, sports fields, parks, modern urban furniture and squares. 30 thousand square meters of concrete area converted to green space, the project also contributes to tourism.

Tünektepe city view
Tünektepe Project will be the flare of Antalya as the first step is taken with the realization of the ropeway project. Antalya will have a new attraction center with Tünektepe Project which will decorate postcards with its magnificent architecture. An 30-owned tourist resort, attraction center and living space project will be the future symbol of Antalya in Tünektepe. It will serve as a facility that the people can benefit from on the day.

Qualified Tourist Future
One of the projects that will enable the city to have a vision is the Cruise and Marina Project… The Cruise and Marina Project, which will be implemented to attract qualified and wealthy tourists to Antalya, has come to the tender stage. The daily tourist capacity of the Cruise Port will be over 20 thousand. Antalya will become one of the most important ports of cruise tourism. The wealthy tourist disembarking from the ships docking in the port will spend his time in the city and revive the trade by spending it. Kazanthe moment will be Antalya and tradesmen.

Antalya Mosque Museum of Turkish and Islamic Civilizations
The works of the Antalya Mosque and the Museum of Turkish Islamic Civilizations, which will make Antalya one of the most sought after centers of cultural tourism, which is one of the biggest centers of nature and sea tourism, continue. Art works and scientific works of Turkish and Islamic Civilizations will be presented with a modern exhibition understanding in the museum, which will be located within the Antalya Mosque Complex, which consists of a 10 thousand-person indoor worship area and an 20-person outdoor venue. The Antalya Mosque Project, which will serve Antalya for centuries, will contribute to the city's culture and tourism with its architectural features and the Turkish-Islamic Arts Museum.

Altınova Cemevi
President Türel, the Alevi citizens are happy to fulfill a promise to live. The foundation of Altınova Cultural Center and Cemevi Project was laid with a ceremony. Altınova Cemevi 4 bin 500 will respond to a significant need with its total construction area and equipment. Within the project, 2 will be a conference hall, place of worship, library, sacrifice center, exhibition area, course areas and cafeteria. Cemevi culture and social reinforcement areas and approximately 40 thousand flame will live in the Altinova region where a citizen will eliminate a significant deficiency.

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