Strict Inspection of School Buses and Public Transport in Van

Van Metropolitan Municipality, school services and public transport services made about the control.

In the inspections carried out by the Transportation Department Directorate of Transportation Departments, vehicle safety certificates, school vehicle sign, seat belts and window lock were made as well as vehicle conformity documents and route permits of school services.

In the audits attended by Deputy Secretary General Fazıl Tamer, the teams in the buses and minibuses providing public transportation audited the subjects such as route alignment, out-of-passenger passenger reception, passenger density and whether the assistant was employed or not.

Deputy Mayor Fazıl Tamer stated that they made audits periodically in the vehicles that provide public transportation services both in school vehicles and public transportation services.

Tamer said that they had started their inspections since the first week of the schools and said le Today, we have supervised our services in Melen Street where the school vehicles are busy with our teams. We advised our service drivers to follow the rules and to pay attention to them. We have made the necessary warnings for those who are missing. In our private public bus and minibuses, we have warned about taking off-the-passenger passenger, passenger transport above their capacity and adaptation to the route. In particular, we have made our last warnings about the active use of smart ticket systems in public buses and the absence of assistant. I would like to express that we will increase our audits frequently. I would like to thank friends who contributed. E

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