Trees Removed from Tram Line Protected in Greenhouses

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality made a statement about the trees that had to be dismantled during the new tramway works. In the statement made by means of special tools, all the trees removed from the roots of the Park and Gardens under the protection of greenhouses were expressed. Ismail Gaspıralı Statue on Ismail Gaspıralı Street was removed because of the works.

The explanation is as follows: altına All our trees, bushes and all other plants that are obliged to be dismantled in our tramway extension works in different parts of the city are taken to our greenhouses located in Ömür Mevkii and Kızılinler Mevkii. All the trees that have to be removed will be evaluated on the tramway routes or in our different green areas upon completion of our works.

In addition, İsmail Gaspıralı Statue on the Ismail Gaspıralı Street which connects Sivrihisar 2 Street to Hasan Polatkan Boulevard was forced to be removed due to the works. Upon completion of the works, it will be re-located on the street we named. Çalış

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