Traffic Lights Turned into Torment in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been re-organizing the city traffic due to the Konak Tram, did not reduce the traffic lights and became intense. Drivers de One reason for the jam is the unnecessary light. We're tired of stop-and-go, millimeter advance, Dur he said.

Due to the Konak Tramway in İzmir, the traffic lights are not being rearranged in the last January due to the new regulations made in the city traffic and the citizens wait in the traffic for hours.

Drivers have to stop at the 20 separate traffic light at frequent intervals because there is not enough pedestrian overpass on Konak Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, while the frequent burning of traffic lights in Basmane or Çankaya brings more damage to the traffic flow.

Drivers, lar holidaymakers are not in the city, schools are not opened yet. When the summer holiday is over, the traffic that is cramped will be further paralyzed. Authorities need to take measures, Yet he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Konak Tramway due to a new arrangement in traffic, the traffic flow on the Gazi Boulevard in the direction of the direction of the direction of the direction of a direction, between Cumhuriyet Boulevard Gazi Boulevard and Fevzipasa Boulevard part of the direction towards Konak was.


In Konak where there is a change in the traffic system, a driver departing from the Cumhuriyet Square passes the separate traffic light 20 to go to İnciraltı by using Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard. A driver from the İnciraltı direction is attached to the traffic light of 15 until Fevzipaşa Boulevard. The waiting times of the drivers, who have to wait in each traffic light, are increasing when the tram passes. A driver who goes from Fevzipaşa Boulevard to Basmane Square has to wait at 9 traffic light and from Basmane Square to Konak.

Citizens, "unnecessary lights should be removed from abroad, such as smart lights should now be used," he said.


The drivers, who indicated that there are two traffic lights after 250 meters, after the interchange at the Borsa,. The traffic lights at the intersection of Cumhuriyet Boulevard and Gazi Boulevard cause traffic jam. 250 meters behind are already a pedestrian crossing and a traffic light. There is another pedestrian bridge at the foot of the 50. At this point, traffic lights bring much harm to the fault, Bu he said.

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Source: METİN BURMALI - New Century

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