Third Airport Transportation Tender Completed

to move to istanbul airport will be completed within mar month
to move to istanbul airport will be completed within mar month

The adı Istanbul New Airport Luxury Transportation UM tender, which was canceled due to lack of public interest, was one of the IMM companies offering Istanbul 755 million 823 thousand TL.

SözcüAccording to the news of Özlem GÜVEMLİ from Istanbul New Airport, the line rental tender for the creation of the "Luxury Transportation Lines with Luggage" carried out by the General Directorate of IETT Operations on September 4, in order to provide public transportation to Istanbul New Airport, was canceled recently. The consortium formed by HAVAŞ, Altur Turizm and Free Turizm companies, with an offer of 475 million 488 thousand liras, won the tender, which was canceled on the grounds that "it is not in the public interest". kazanhad been.


The tender, which covers the transportation of 10 buses on 18 lines to be established in Istanbul for 150 years from the airport opening date, was held for the second time today (27 September). Invitations were sent to 468 companies in the tender where the IETT General Directorate increased the estimated price from 702 million lira to 9 million lira.

Sarılar Construction, Summit Communication Services, Bektaşlar Tourism, Gürsel Tasimacilik, Istanbul Bus AS, Burulas, Emre Mehmet Ozbek-Yavuz Cimen Joint Venture, Turex Transportation, Transportation Insurance Brokerage Services sent the tender to the tender held at the IETT Headquarters building in Beyoglu. In the tender, where 6 companies did not submit offers by thanking, 3 companies submitted offers. In the tender, Sarılar İnşaat competed with 753 million 740 thousand 20 TL, Istanbul Bus Companies A.Ş 755 million 820 thousand TL, Burulaş 751 million 374 thousand TL. During the negotiation phase, the tender was awarded to Istanbul Bus Companies for 755 million 823 thousand liras.


Altur, Havaş and Free Turizm A.Ş. won the canceled 468 million tender with an offer of 475 million 488 thousand TL. consortium kazanhad been. IETT General Directorate had changed the specification while determining the new tender date. In the new specification, the estimated cost was increased to 702 million TL including VAT. Bidders were requested to submit at least 2017 million TL turnover from public transportation services in 260 and the copies of the invoices documenting this, together with their bids. The bidders who will participate in the tender were also required to submit copies of the licenses confirming that 130 buses of at least 12 meters are their own property, together with their bids. tender kazanAn Istanbul Bus Operations Inc. submitted 147 bus licenses to the tender dossier.

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