Second Stage to Start at Salim Dervişoğlu Street

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is turning into a double road in Salim Dervişoğlu Street with its expansion works. From the 42 Evler area to Çuhane Caddesi, there will be a two-way duplex trip. 42 Evler Kahya Women's Street and Çuhane Street between the first stage of the work is in progress, the Metropolitan has also rolled up its sleeves for the second stage.

As part of the second stage double road works, Salim Dervişoğlu Street will expand the section between the Governor's pedestrian overpass and 42 Evler Kahya Kadin Avenue. The 1-meter road section, which currently serves as 1 departure and 600 arrival, is planned as a 2 × 2 double road. Three companies submitted bids for the second stage project that was tendered. While the lowest bid was made by SYA İnşaat with 2 million 863 thousand TL, the highest bid came from Yağışan İnşaat with 3 million 540 thousand TL.

Salim Dervişoğlu will be manufacturing 4 bin 700 ton asphalt, 2 bin 250 square parquet and 2 bin 900 meter border within the scope of the second stage double road production. In addition, lighting works will be carried out on the road with rainwater. D-100 will become an alternative route when the traffic used by the vehicles for transportation intensifies. The street is preferred by drivers because of a line drawing from Köseköy to Derince.

Companies Offers
SYA Construction 2 million 863 thousand TL
M.Oğuzhan Avşarlıgil 3 million 093 thousand TL
Yağışan Construction 3 million 540 thousand TL

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