Minister Turhan: "The Liquidation Decree Will Be Enforced In The Upcoming Days"

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, according to changing market conditions, in order to protect the rights and law of the parties in the execution of contracts to eliminate grievances in the coming days will come into force in order to eliminate the grievance announced.

Minister Turhan, Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) in his speech at the meeting of the month of September, said that a period of significant developments in the country and the world was passed.

In Turkey, will build on the solid foundation of management stability Presidential System of Government to be applied strictly facing a war with the introduction of outsourced thick Turhan stated that, "Our region does not stop the fire. We continue our search for a solution with Russia and Iran on the Syrian issue that concerns us the most. In the world, all cards, especially the economy, are re-mixed. ” said.

Turhan explained that the aims of the countries engaged in trade wars with the logic of colony management were to carry out world trade from a single source, while the World Trade Organization announced that global trade wars posed a major threat to the world and there would be no winner.

Turhan draws attention to the need to read the best of what is going on in the world, the end of the Second World War is the world's political and commercial reshaped, Turkey has instead become ready market in those years expressed that they prefer to produce with its own resources and manpower.

"We are growing as our whole being from Turkey"

Turhan, Turkey is fighting the basis of local and national history in that year or reversing the deviation, noting continued as follows:

“We have achieved great success for 16 years. As we succeed, someone builds games on the game. Terrorist incidents, coup attempts, social chaos plans are the main ones. As we broke these games, the game founders began to introduce global threats, like the last economic attack. Objectives, growing Turkey Turkey instead of sleeping. Growing Turkey, then Turkey smoky industrial chimneys. Turkey has taken the open market while sleeping state means Turkey. We are for the first with all our self. We are determined to read the world from a local and national perspective and take steps accordingly. ”

Turhan emphasized that everyone who produces in this country is precious, and that it should be aimed to produce higher quality, higher value added products instead of producing more and producing from the version.

Stating that they have invested over 500 billion lira in the transportation and communication infrastructure for the marketing of products, Turhan said, “For this reason, we have equipped our country with airports, high-speed train lines, logistics centers, divided roads, harbors, IT highways, and signed giant projects that the world followed with envy.” he spoke.

Emphasizing that the deep-rooted position of the country will be strengthened with investments and the industrialists and trade associates will be more open, Turhan said that the ultimate goal in investments is to produce and market national products with everything from the design to the project, from the piece to the paint.

Minister Turhan, R & D and entrepreneurial support of the state as a state that increased, but did not receive enough attention, stating that the private sector in terms of the future of the nation should return as soon as possible wrong.

“The Liquidation Decree will be enforced in the coming days”

Of Turkey Contractors Union on the second day Ministry, Ankara Chamber of Commerce and Turhan stated that they submit their requests by visiting itself the ASO president, what they can do on demand, has announced that they are working with relevant ministries and continuing this work.

Turhan emphasized that the Decision on Liquidation will be put into effect in the coming days. he spoke.

Pointing out that the grievances caused by the price difference in the contracts due to the excessive price increase and the materials purchased with foreign exchange are on the agenda, Turhan stated that they use the WPI and CPI rates in accordance with the legislation in terms of price differences, and in some cases, it is higher than 24 percent in some materials.

Turhan, the price of the price difference accounting system will be introduced with the price of the materials taken and stated, said:

“With a decree, we will bring alternative proposals to the parties as the administration party of the contract, 'either liquidate, transfer or accept the price difference according to these rules, but in no way leave the country.' You are important to us. You are the most precious value of this country, you are a dynamist in the development of this country, we never forget this. Therefore, all of us, workers, employers, tradesmen, industrialists, producers and consumers are in this ship. We will take every decision we can to make this ship sail and move forward. Everyone on board has their own responsibilities, we have to fulfill their requirements more especially in narrow times, to protect our country's peace, future, unity and solidarity. ”

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