TEKNOSAB Will Lead to Increased Production of Advanced Technology

Ibrahim Burkay, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTSO, who came together with the Governor İzzettin Küçük and the members of the TEKNASOB entrepreneurship committee and said TS TEKNOSAB will lead the increase of the advanced technology production of both our city and our country ett.

BCCI and Turkey's leadership in the projected Mega Industrial Zones continues as planned teknosab't most important link in the infrastructure work of the project. Ibrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTSO, met with the Chairman of the Entrepreneur Committee of TEKNOSAB, Mr. İzzettin Küçük and the delegation committee and the participating member companies and evaluated the works in the region.


teknosab both Bursa and also provide an important contribution to increasing the President stating that Turkey's high-tech manufacturing Burkay, "Turkey's xnumx's percent of the total industrial production in the mid- to create advanced technology. 26 percent of this figure doubled the average of Turkey in Bursa. Our goal is the production of high-tech industry with TEKNOSAB 52 percent in Turkey to remove the 3 percent of the OECD average. This project will ensure that both our city and our country's advanced technology production will increase significantly. Bu


improving the advanced technology production together the world's 10 largest economy in who want to take Turkey's scale Ibrahim who expressed the need to go through to the economy Burkay, said that for this purpose teknosab the planning stage, the minimum plot area that borders with 15 thousand square meters with the decision of our enterprising committee. In all of the Organized Industrial Zones in Bursa, Chairman Burkay stated that the number of 15 thousand square meters and above parcels is 140 units. Eri Only 15 in TEKNOSAB 170 pcs. TEKNOSAB, which is a very important step in the transition to economies of scale, will serve as an example to other regions in this sense. Ölçek


Stating that Turkey's second largest exporter of town by road 78 percent of exports in Bursa Ibrahim Burkay, teknosab port, said highway and will provide a significant advantage in logistics costs through fast train connections.


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's closely pursued and given branch instruction teknosab's Turkey Mega Industrial Zones of the Burkay speaking, indicating that the pilot project, said: "Our work in the region, we continue without any disruptions and delays. The work of our participating members in cooperation with our management is also an important source of motivation for us. The fact that all our members are here today also shows our belief and trust in our project. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. İzzettin Küçük, our Governor, our Chairman, TEKNOSAB, who represents all kinds of support in our projects, especially TEKNOSAB. TEKN

”Reason, Reward, Knowledge and Result of Reward“

TEKNOSAB'de expropriation and land allocation process is progressing very quickly, indicating the Chairman of TEKNOSAB Entrepreneur Committee İzzettin Küçük, infrastructure work is carried out by a large team, he said. Governor Izzettin Küçük stated that this progress was a result of reason, will, knowledge and effort. We've come to a very important point right now. We will continue at the same speed without death. Although our country is going through a difficult period, we will continue to work with the same faith and determination. TEKNOSAB will perform high-tech and value-added production. This is one of the most important steps taken towards the production and export targets put in front of our country. Önüne

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