TCDD's 2019-2023 Strategic Plan Study Opening Meeting Held

As part of the strategic plan preparation work for the 2019-2023 period of TCDD, 24 carried out a UM Strategic Plan Study Opening Meeting UM on Monday, at the Headquarters Small Meeting Hall.

Meeting; chaired by Director General of Turkish State Railways, deputy general managers and department heads Strategy Development Committee consisting of members connected with TUBITAK Turkey Industrial Management Institute (TÜSSİDE) joined officials.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın In his speech at the opening of the meeting, he said that the 100 Daily Executive Program of the Presidency stated that the 2019-2023 Period Strategic Plans of the Public Institutions and Organizations should be prepared until the 9 November 2018 date.


Apaydın, 2019-2021 period within the framework of the New Economic Program in the coming period, taking into account the resources available for public investments; YHT, HT, conventional railway construction projects, EST projects, logistics centers, such as 2023 targets within the scope of the completion of the projects as soon as possible to complete the completion of the economy.

Apaydın underlines the importance of planning and completing these projects in a short period of time by prioritizing projects that are low in cost, increasing income and having high economic and social impact in order to use the country's resources more effectively.

Ine 2019-2023 period, which will be prepared as a result of the cooperation between our company and TÜSSİDE, will be a road map that will make a significant contribution to the achievement of the objectives of our country and our organization in the 2023 year. The fact that the strategic plan is prepared and implemented successfully depends on the acceptance and follow-up of all units of our organization by being accepted and accepted. Gerçekçi

Following the opening speech, TÜSSİDE experts made a presentation about the preparation of the strategic plan of the 2019-2023 period of TCDD and the next working calendar.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 17:22

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