TMMOB: "Stop Projects That Waste Public Resources"


TMMOB shared the government's assessments on the 100 daily action plan. His plan, the AKP's fight against the crisis showed that there is no orientation. TMMOB emphasized that the action plan, which announced, shows the insistence on projects that pillage nature, threaten life and human health, and sustain public resources waste, wanted these projects to be stopped.

Turkey Union of Chambers of Engineers and Architects (Chamber) Presidential and about 46 billion pounds by institutions affiliated to the Ministry described the implementation budget "100 Fulfillment Day Program" was found in about evaluation.



16 2017 dated April 6 dated April 24. The ap Presidency Cabinet Genel was established in the absence of legal infrastructure.

It is stated that it will be realized by the institutions affiliated to the Presidency and the Ministries by the budget of approximately 46 billion liras. The first 100 Daily Executive Program, which lists targets in a number of topics from transportation to energy, from economy to industry, from foreign trade to urbanism, from foreign policy to defense, from education to health, from agriculture to technology, from tourism to youth and sports, has been included in the budget and public finance.

During the meeting, it was stated that the lam Medium Term Program ı (OVP), which includes the roadmap of the economy, was planned to be completed by the end of November in the 2018 2019 period.

The views of TMMOB on the 100 Daily Executive Program (100GIP), which are contrary to the holistic plan of development and which include long-term projects and objectives, are as follows.

Formal Evaluation of the 2.100GIP

Publicity distributed and public press conference and said that includes 400 project "100 Days Fulfillment Program entitled" 43-page booklet, Presidential, 16 Ministries, 4 presidential and Turkey Radio and Television Corporation where guests can visit a total of 22 institutions and affiliates primarily to study anticipated There are subject titles. The booklet actually contains 401 items due to a material error in the items belonging to the Ministry of Education.

The President said, “The most important item of our 100-Day Executive Program is that our new airport in Istanbul will be operational on October 29.” The 400/401 items in the Program, which he explained, are not all of a project, but include targets that are expected to be achieved in the near, medium or far term, with most priority discrimination problems.

In the last two articles, each of the 21 institutions and organizations other than the Presidency includes the expressions ine The completion of the basic stages of the transition process within 100 days tamamlan and the a Starting of the Strategic Plan works for the period of 2019-2023 to be completed by the end of November kurum. In this case, the number of concrete projects / targets should actually be considered as 369 units.

The direct relevance of some items in the program to the Ministries is a matter of debate. "3. The target of the necessary procedures to start the production of blood products from domestic plasma ”is the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services; "4. Health tourism in Turkey to become the brand's "target of the Ministry of Health; "14. The aim of establishing 2 featured observation systems in order to ensure flight safety is among the projects of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Furthermore, the limited number of ilebilir affiliated or related institutions and affiliates hedef related to the targets in the program necessitates a scrutiny of the fulfillment of ”priority objectives olm in the short term in the overall public administration.

Such material errors, even though they appear to be formal or detail, should be examined in terms of the unpredictability of the “new management system”, the objectives of the program described and the “public seriousness Şekil. The main study should be done on the whole program.

Evaluation of the 3.100GIP and its Political Preferences

100 under the Presidency of 1GİP. Completion of the enacted laws with the Presidential Decree “, unlar 2. Making new established Presidencies, Offices and Policy Boards işler,, 3. Activation of the new organizational structure of the Presidency ikincil, ilişkin 9. Extraction of critical secondary regulations regarding the transition process ın, teşkil 11. Ası Establishment of a system for the monitoring and monitoring of government actions on the basis of 81 provinces within the framework of strategic plans, are concrete indications of being unprepared for legislation and execution in the transition to the new system.

Again, “4. Completing the cadre formation and distribution of the Ministries and Institutions (Presidential Decree No. 2), “5. Completion of the appointments of Head of Department and above cadres and provincial director (Schedules 3 and 1 of Presidential Decree No. 2), “6. The appointments of the institutions and organizations affiliated with the Presidency ”show disbelief in the bureaucracy and unpreparedness even with political staffing.

. 100. In the long term, the management of the financial resources of the public institutions is collected in a single hand and according to the X 2-3 Billion Incomes X clause; 4 9 dated 2018 dated 30504 ”Decree on the Determination of Public Administrations and Accounts to be included in the scope of Single Treasury Institutions Account Hazine and UM Regulation on Application of Single Treasury Institutions Account yayımlan and 17 will manage 40 billion dollar public resource from a single account X single pool iştir system has been passed.

The en budget discipline en and yüksek public cash efficiency man aim of this project is yüksek public fiscal discipline yüksek while the ile public fiscal discipline yüksek is aimed at the economic sense. Ile Build Operate Transfer ”or ipl Public Private Partnership” of financing in projects that require external financing such as “Kanal İstanbul“ The provision of ır means that the budget / public fiscal discipline is rendered dysfunctional.

When the relevant institutions and organizations and the project / target numbers of ğinde 100 Daily Executive Program UM are examined; 45 article of the Ministry of Defense Industry, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization 39 article, Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Family (Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services) 33 article, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure 28 article, Ministry of Industry and Technology 22 comes to the fore with the matter.

Considering the objectives / projects of the Ministry of 16 in the new system; It is seen that special emphasis is given to defense / arms industry projects. While the investments in the construction sector remain the driving force of economic development, other sectors that stand out are manufacturing and IT sectors.

Within the scope of non-holistic GIP, which includes scattered and contradictory targets, in the Ministry of Commerce section "10. In the process of updating the Customs Union, the completion of regular consultations and information meetings with all relevant NGOs and private sector representatives and the active involvement of NGOs and private sector representatives with their foreign stakeholders ”is important. The opinions of TMMOB, which is justified in it, are important. Our Union; Our country argues that the Customs Union agreement, which operates unilaterally by preventing free movement of the workforce, should be suspended until the full membership process, and the free movement of professions should be put into effect after full membership.

In our 100 Daily Executive Program, our professional organization and articles related to our occupational areas are evaluated separately under the headings of ıza Special Projects ve and Proj Sectoral Other Projects / Targets eler.

A. Special Projects

With regard to many special projects that will destroy the nature and technique of political power, which will destroy our nature, our cities and our living areas, TMMOB and its affiliated Chambers, various environmental organizations and political parties have resorted to the judicial process and the judicial process is still continuing. The fact that these projects, whose judicial process is unfinished, has been anlam I have done an and that they are taken to the UM 100 Daily Executive Program ”by ignoring the principle of eye separation of powers”, is trying not to implement the ım Law State yapt principle of the Constitution.

Channel Istanbul

In the 100 daily program, the targets related to Bakanlığı Kanal Istanbul ası were completed in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure ve Completion of the Channel Istanbul Surveying Project Work and finalization of the construction tender announcement.

With the 100GIP, it is aimed to complete the EIA and Survey Project works of the "Kanal Istanbul Project", to complete the immovable transfers, to submit the zoning plans for approval, to transfer 22 million m2 of land to TOKİ and to tender and lay the foundation as soon as possible. It is stated that the architectural project, including the establishment of two boutique cities on both sides of the “Kanal Istanbul”, the construction of marinas and other environmental arrangements, has reached the final stage and the financing of the project will be provided through “build-operate-transfer” or “public private partnership”.

Numerous planning, scientific research and study results produced by hundreds of scientific and professional people, universities, professional chambers, public institutions and organizations for Istanbul and Marmara region are ignored. “Canal Istanbul”, which is tried to be legitimized by opening up to discussion through discourses and assumptions that are not scientific, is a proposal for a truly geographical, ecological, economic, sociological, urban, cultural, briefly vital destruction and disaster.

This “Canal”, which is foreseen to be constructed in the most sensitive and protected area of ​​the Marmara region geographically, ecologically and geologically, is approximately 45 km long, 25 m deep and 250 m wide; It carries the threat of causing damage and splitting that will irreversibly affect the entire geography from the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea.

Even from the data described so far; Within the scope of the channel project; Terkos basin including 3. It is understood that all the forest areas, agricultural areas, pastures, underground and overwater catchment basins along the airport and 3.köprü connection roads are designed as the construction and demolition area of ​​the whole geography including the Black Sea and Marmara Sea and its shores together with the neighborhoods in the basin.

TMMOB advocates that the Kanal Istanbul project, which aims to transfer rent to capital segments instead of the public needs of the public, should be canceled immediately.

Reconstruction Peace

In the 100 daily program, the targets regarding the Bakanlığı Reconstruction Peace X are listed in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization program 26. To register the 13 million buildings which are not licensed or licensed and whose annexes and appendices are registered ruhsat.

The policy of zoning amnesty, which was raised by the political power as an election investment before the June general elections of 24 and especially as an economic return for the disjointed debt payment balances, concerns about the 13 million houses which are annexed to the property and zoning problem, unlicensed or contrary to the zoning legislation.

In case of applying to 31.12.2017 dates before the date of 31.12.2018, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the institutions to be authorized by it shall be issued a Building Registration Certificate; Leakage structures having this certificate can be resettled, water, electricity and natural gas can be connected, previously taken demolition decisions and uncollected administrative fines will be canceled.

The law stipulates that the immovable properties built on the immovable properties shall be allocated to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and that these immovable properties shall be sold directly by the Ministry on the fair value upon the requests of the owners of the Building Registration Certificate and their legal or contractual successors.

In our country, as a result of neoliberal economic policies implemented since the 1950 years, uncontrolled and rapid migration directed to cities and the illegal construction that started with the invasion of the treasury lands began to expand to agricultural areas, coasts, forests, pastures, highlands and winters and nature conservation areas.

Illegal construction is no longer the choice of the poor, but a method of seeking rent. 16, which is the main undertaking of this situation, has been implementing urbanism and urbanization policies that have not respected society, people and environment for years; trying to overcome the economic bottleneck by marketing the city lands and natural resources; It is the political power that sees the regulatory rules and limitations introduced by the planning and development legislation as an obstacle to economic development.

In the Republican period, 14 was once forgiven. These amnesties cause the perception that illegal practices in some way will be legalized in the society. Currently, 60 of the building stock in our country is the illegal structure.

It is the law that connects the administrative and technical issues such as power, property, building group and structure class, which is the first degree responsible of healthy urbanization and safe building, to the owner's declaration and denies the profession of engineers, architects and urban planning professionals who are science, technique and practitioner. also ignores.

Due to the fact that this law does not undermine the environment and nature and most importantly does not receive sufficient engineering services, the risky structures are legitimized by the state in terms of the earthquake resistance and the citizens who comply with the law are punished and those who do not know the rules are rewarded. However, in our country, which is under the risk of earthquake, serious measures should be taken against the social and economic losses caused by the earthquake.

On the other hand, with this Law, plans and licenses canceled by lawsuits filed by our Association and its affiliated chambers are legal. kazanIt will be legalized in spite of the objections. This regulation is a continuation of the policy of “creating the law of unlawfulness”, which was put into practice during the mastery period of the political power.

Our vision as TMMOB is to put an end to all unlawful and wrongs within the scope of amnesty peace under the name of zoning peace in order to provide short term hot financial resources.

Alpu Thermal Power Plant

In the 100-day program, the targets for the "Alpu Thermal Power Plant" are set in the "12. of our domestic coal resources to the economy. kazanwithin the scope of Tender for the establishment of a thermal power plant with an installed power of approximately 1.000 MW in Eskişehir Alpu”.

Pursuant to the decision of the Privatization Administration published in the Official Gazette with the decision dated 26.09.2017 and numbered 30192 and numbered 22.09.2017/2017, dated 89 and numbered 1080/XNUMX, B, which has a total installed power of XNUMX MW and aims to produce electricity with coal fuel. The Alpu Thermal Power Plant is planned to be implemented as the Sector Underground Mine Operation and Ash Regular Storage Facility Project.

It is claimed that a total of 1080 tons of domestic coal (lignite) will be consumed annually as the main fuel in the Alpu Thermal Power Plant planned as the total installed power of 6.500.000 MW. Within the scope of the project, it is planned to establish and operate the power plant area in the 11.250 decare section of 1.200 decare production area and coal stock area in the 300 decare section.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has approved the public EIA Report for the central project without being adequately informed.

Alpu Plain which is the geographical area where thermal power plant is planned to be divided by Porsuk River is divided into two. Among the rich plains of the Central Anatolia region, the farmers of the region are cultivated by means of 150-200 m water wells and 70-80 meter groundwater. In underground mining operation, the extraction of coal from the 350 meter depth to the surface will result in the destruction of groundwater and thus agricultural water.

In our country; Almost all of this region, 5000, which has an annual history and is an important source of livelihood for the people of the region, will completely disappear as it will remain under the thermal power plant area and ash dump sites.

Coal thermal power plants create great damage to forests and wetlands and nature and agricultural areas with ash mountains and acid rain. In areas where coal-fired thermal power plants are located, agricultural production decreases, productive crops do not grow in ash and acid-raining villages, and the right to live in forests and wetlands is violated.

In thermal power plants; it uses water for a variety of purposes, such as cooling, steam extraction, and cleaning; It is inevitable that the amount and properties of these wastes are treated and the environmental pollution. These waters will either reach the fertile soil and underground waters of the Alpu plain or the Sakarya River through the Porsuk stream. Therefore, yew tea will not be used in agricultural irrigation.

When the Thermal Power Plant is put into operation, there will be problems that will affect the environment and human health in a significant way during the disposal of the total 1.600.000 tons of waste, which will occur annually, including 350.000 tons of base ash and fly ash and 1.950.000 tons of gypsum.

TMMOB and its affiliated chambers may lead to the deterioration of natural beauty in Alpu and surrounding villages, decrease in the value of tourism activities, halve housing value, expropriation of agricultural lands, forced land owners to receive compensation by low wages, and even increase unemployment, migration, destruction of fruits, vegetables, bees and fish. The Alpu Coal-fired Power Plant project, which will shortly cause an environmental massacre and destroy both its health and livelihoods of tens of thousands of citizens, has sued the annulment and execution of the EIA report.

TMMOB requests the immediate termination of the Alpu Thermal Power Plant project and the cancellation of the project.

Sakarya Karasu Automotive Specialized Industrial Zone

Targets related to UM Karasu Automotive Specialized Industrial Zone N in 100 daily program are listed in the Ministry of Industry and Technology N 11. Ine The foundation of the production facilities on the 222 hectare area for defense industry facilities at Karasu individual investment site yatırım.

In addition, similar to new investments, lar 10. Completion of Master Plan of Ceyhan Energy Specialized Industrial Zone Böl and t 12. Karapınar Energy Specialized Industrial Zone will be included in the allocation of space to investors Böl items have also been included.

The tır TMMOB Karasu Working Group ası prepared a scientific report on the process and the book Kıyı TMMOB Karasu Coastal Area Coastal Restructuring Report as was published in 2012.

Karasu coast, coastal dune system Kefken Karasu, Sakarya river mouth about xnumxkm west, east xnumxkm coastal dune belt with the longest uninterrupted sand dune system extending in Turkey. Hosted coastal dunes, sand dunes, beaches, coastal plains, fossil cliffs, lakes, has remained intact rare in Turkey with bogs largest flooded forest / swamp Acer are having one of the rare coastal dune system with Lake Karasu coast, diverse and intertwined As a result of past ecosystem diversity, it has endemic and rare plant species endangered on a global scale.

Acarlar Longozu, which is on the important main bird migration routes in the world and which contains 180 bird species, the majority of which are “endangered” according to the category of the World Wildlife Conservation Union (IUCN), was named “1998. Degree Natural Protected Area ”was registered as a wetland in 1.

The longos, sand dunes, coastal and forest ecosystems on the Kefken-Karasu coastal dune system are not independent from each other and form a whole. For this reason, the whole ecosystem is affected by the intervention in any part of the dune system. The erosion on the coast of Karasu, which is the subject of Karasu Coastal Area Coastal Stimulation Report prepared by TMMOB, is one of the most up-to-date and most concrete examples of this negative impact. Dams on the Karasu coast, in the Sakarya river basin; coastal structures, water structures; 1987m from 2001 to 230, 2001m from 2006 -105 to 335m and XNUMXm from total coastal area shrinkage / erosion have been experienced due to settlements, industry and highway in any part of the dune.

Despite all this coastal erosion, Sakarya and Karasu in particular, 1998 has been trying to be transformed into an industrial zone for twenty years. Industrial decisions have been halted many times due to the ecological characteristics of the region and judicial decisions. For more than 20 years, the names of the privileged industrial use decisions taken for the region and annulled by the Council of State have been amended and their judicial decisions are disregarded.

In 1998, 10.000ha, which has entered into Sakarya and Kocaeli boundaries with the decision of the Council of Ministers on the sınır Determination and Establishment of the Location and Boundaries of the Silk Road Valley Free Zone, ında has been declared a free zone. This decision was annulled by the Council of State in 1999.

In 2007, the judicial decision was ignored and 4000 acres of the same area was declared a free zone again by the Council of Ministers with the decision of the Council of Ministers “The Determination of the Location and Borders of the Sakarya İpekyolu Free Zone…” and this decision was canceled by the Council of State.

Administrations that could not reach to the conclusion with privileged decisions were planned as ayan regional workspace ulaş in 2014 this time, which allows the establishment of the same region and all kinds of industrial facilities. Plan decisions were annulled by the Regional Administrative Court in 2017.

In 2015, while the lawsuit on the upper scale plans continued, the same region was declared aynı Karasu Automotive Specialized Industrial Zone Kurulu with the decision of the Council of Ministers. The Council of State 10. Our request to stop the execution by the Department was rejected and the appeal was decided by the Council of State Administrative Board of the Council of State to reject a decision for a new decision.

In 2016, while Karasu Automotive Specialized Industrial Zone decision was in effect before the finalization of the litigation processes related to the upper-scale plan and industrial zone decisions, this time, BMC Otomotiv San. and Tic. Inc. which is planned to be executed by “Defense Industry Tools Production, Trade. Vehicle Production, Casting and Machining Im. An EIA report has been prepared and the EIA positive decision has been made for the Project, Motor Production Facility Mer.

The power to convert the coastal part of Karasu into an industrial zone in a privileged and unlawful manner continues in all discourse of execution. In the 4 region, which is publicly announced as Mega Industrial Zones, Mün Karasu Individual Investment Site öncelikli together with Filyos Industrial Zone, Ceyhan Energy Specialized Region and Trabzon Investment Island are the priority projects aiming to transfer rent to capital segments.

It is not accidental in any article of the 100 Daily Executive Program to protect natural assets such as forests, grasslands, wetlands, coasts, agricultural areas, which are the real insurance of life, or any policies, actions or intentions regarding environmental protection. The last 15 is the result of policies aimed at commercializing the natural assets at the intensity and prevalence required by the global scale.

With the understanding that sees natural assets as market goods, “natural assets / protected areas”, which cannot even be 2% of the country's surface area, are being opened for construction. While creating the illusion that economic development will be achieved through policies that open up all the natural assets of the country that need to be protected, our future is actually taken under mortgage.

The insistence of transforming the Black Sea coastal region into an industrial zone, contrary to the national nature conservation legislation and many international agreements to which we are a party, is just one of the concrete examples of the commodification of natural assets. Under the name of “Investment”, the most important natural values ​​of our country are discarded and plundered by ignoring science, law and planning.

TMMOB advocates that the holistic planning concept based on the protection of public assets should be taken as the guarantee of our future, the view of natural assets as the market capital and the urgent abandonment of the rent economy, and the protection of public assets instead of capital priority.

Our opinion as TMMOB is that the new projects related to the field after the judicial decisions within the scope of Sakarya İpekyolu Free Zone project are not continued despite all the illegals and wrongs, and the process is terminated immediately.

Nuclear Power Plants

Although there is no direct Nuclear Power Plant item in the 100-day program, the President touched on the process at the Introductory Meeting on August 3, 2018, “Now we add nuclear energy to it. Akkuyu's construction continues. As you know, we do it with the Russians. We put the first unit into service in 2023. Studies on Sinop continue. ” used expressions.

It is noteworthy that the newly established Nuclear Regulatory Authority does not have a priority action plan in the 100 daily schedule.

26 on April 1986 The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident has caused the world a major nuclear disaster, Chernobylde radyoaktif kirlenme nedeniyle kanser, doğum kusuru gibi pek çok sıkıntı ile karşı karşıya kalınmasının sarsıntılarını atlatamadan 11 Mart 2011Fukushima nuclear power plant accident occurred in Japan.

As a result of these events, where thousands of people died and the effects of which were felt in many areas such as cancer, a large part of the countries that procured their nuclear energy from the nuclear power plants started to shut down the nuclear power plants. Most of them turned to renewable energy sources by not investing in this area.

However, all the governments that have come to power in our country since the last half-century have made an effort to produce electrical energy from nuclear power plants. Mersin Akkuyu selected for the establishment of a nuclear power plant about 45 years ago, Sinop Inceburun and Kırklareli İğneada fields selected in the following years, 1970li yılların başından bugüne kadar geçen süre içerisinde değişen ve gelişen teknoloji, araştırma ve inceleme yöntemleri hiç dikkate alınmadan hala nükleer santral yapılması çalışmaları devam etmektedir. Özellikle Devlet yetkilileri tarafından TürkiyeThe construction of a nuclear power plant is presented as the success of “great progress and integration into the civilized world, reducing foreign dependency, becoming a strong country”. However, this energy production method, which has a high risk and has a great impact as a result of natural disasters, as in the case of Fukushima, is now abandoned in many countries of the world. It is obvious that nuclear power plants that do not reduce dependency on foreign countries and whose waste problems are still not overcome, will endanger not only the regions where they will be built, but also all Anatolian lands.

Nuclear Energy is polluting because of radiation and nuclear waste, and the issue of disposal or storage of nuclear waste has not been solved. In order to get rid of these wastes, the embankment road is used. The nuclear power plant contract with Russia does not have a regulation on the fate of nuclear waste. Following the realization of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, the Taurus will be used as a nuclear waste storage.

Our country Russia with the energy produced from the nuclear power plantya göbekten bağlanacaktır. Santralin inşasını üstlenen Rusya aynı zamanda santralin yüzde 51 hisseli sahibi olacağından ve 15 yıllık alım garantisi verilmesinden dolayı kendi topraklarımızda RusyaWe will have to take the electricity produced by us.

Akkuyuda devreye alınması beklenen santralin kurulu gücü, yaklaşık 20 milyar dolarlık bir maliyetle, 4x1200 MW kapasiteli olacaktır. Buradan üretilecek enerji şu andaki elektrik fiyatının en az 3 katına satılacaktır. Oysa TürkiyeAlthough it is known that it has more wind and solar energy potential than many European countries, it is possible to provide the production at a solid capacity of approximately 4 from renewable energy sources with the same production cost.

The region where Akkuyu is located is very close to the Ecemiş fault line and therefore carries an earthquake risk. Nuclear power plants, which have no experience in nuclear power plants such as floods, floods, even if necessary measures can not be taken in our country, nuclear power plants will drag our country to the brink of a great disaster.

Turkey is required to be converted into a hand with three nuclear power plants. Akkuyunun ardından Sinop ve İnce AdaAfter the nuclear power plant in Turkey and in the world, a nuclear bomb will be pulled.

Chamber, primarily Japan, Germany, leaving many countries, nuclear power plant building policies, including France, the sun, the engendering of Turkey's nuclear weapons sevdaya circuit renewable energy production methods, especially the wind is opposed to entering such an adventure. Akkuyu and Sinop Nuclear Power Plant projects, which aim to transfer rent to capital segments instead of the public needs of the public and do not consider public health, should be canceled immediately.

Istanbul New Airport

100 3 is the most important target of the Daily Performance Program. In the technical report we prepared while starting the airport project, we made the following assessments and evaluations;

Olma Fast and unplanned urbanization, which has been increasing in recent years, has significantly affected the watersheds in Istanbul, and the dams and lakes that have been provided with drinking and potable water have come to the point of extinction by the effect of drought. The project area of ​​3 Airport is located in the middle and long distance protection areas of Terkos Dam, which provides a large part of the domestic water to Istanbul. During the construction phase of the project, dust and exhaust emissions during construction activities and excavation will lead to an increase in pollution in the lake.

This huge project site, which covers an area of ​​7650 hectares, has been planned on the northern forests which are very important for the ecology of the city. The fresh and relatively cool air on these forests, mainly due to the winds blowing from the north, replaces the city with dirty and hot air and contributes to the cleaning and cooling of the city air. In addition, these forests prevent erosion of the dams in Terkos Lake and Alibey Dam basin and Belgrad forest and contribute to increase the quality of drinking water. Airport and 3 scheduled. The new settlement centers of the Bridge, Kanal Istanbul projects will destroy the forests and other habitats.

Sand dune, forest, pasture, agriculture, lake, reeds and so on. There are different ecosystems. 3. The airport project includes the endemic species and all biodiversity and the risk of the destruction of ecosystems and the end of life. The Project site covers one of the major migration routes. However, the construction phase has been started before 2 year-long bird observation study mentioned in EIA report. This situation avoids the decisions that the area defined as the bird migration route should be under protection and provides ground for the aircraft accidents which will be experienced as a result of not evaluating the bird-plane collision risks.

Approximately 1/3 of the project area is covered with oak and beech natural forest and the total forest area is 6172 hectares. The remaining part is coal and sand quarry enterprises, which were produced in the past by unplanned, unsupervised and most often primitive methods and now abandoned. The mining sites registered to the General Directorate of Mining Affairs is 2670 hectares. While the pits left over from the mining facilities are filled with water over time, turning into artificial lakes; The heaps of coal and sand operation wastes, on the other hand, were turned into hills by afforestation. Artificially formed lakes and hills in abandoned coal fields; excessive excavation and filling to be done to remove topographic obstacles; dewatering existing artificial lakes, the presence of water-saturated sediments at the base of 65 artificial lakes; superficial and deep landslides; sudden and timed settlements, liquefaction risks, uncertainty of groundwater level; The ground parameters such as the condition of the coal and sand fields abandoned without rehabilitation, both the water-saturated units that have not completed their geological settlement and the normal consolidated units are not able to meet the project load, are important indicators of the wrong location of the airport. ”

TMMOB insists that the project 3.havalimani, which will result in the destruction of natural habitats and important watersheds, is not acceptable in terms of ecological and geological criteria, soil characteristics, excavation and filling areas, urban science and flight safety. 3 is in the near future how accurate our evaluations and evaluations are. It will appear with the opening of the airport.

Despite all our warnings, the 3. The airport project has also come to the fore with workers taking action against work killings and working conditions.

3. Workers of the workers of the airport were rebelled during the night by police and gendarmerie raids. The workers of 500 were taken into custody by the state's law enforcement agencies and moved to the outposts by the subcontractors.

Unlawful and inhuman 18. The sending of law enforcement agencies on workers instead of ending working conditions of the century is a clear admission of the partnership between the employers and the rulers of the country. The alı detention şirket vehicles signed by the subcontractor company in front of the gendarmerie outposts have become history as a symbol of this order.

Clearly, the safety of construction companies is important for workers' job security, health and life, which are known for their projects that have zeroed their taxes, destroys nature and ignores labor.

Those who impose non-human working conditions on the state by using forceful devices; With the massacre of nature, workers' deaths, the demand of workers to be crushed by using difficult demand, will be referred to guaranteed contracts in exchange currency that enriches their allies.

B. Other Sectoral Projects / Targets

In the program, “14. Preservation and localization of local seeds ”under the title of“ 13. Establishment of an Immovable Valuation System ”,“ 17. “Making the lease of agricultural land directly to the right holders at reasonable prices” used by our farmers ”,“ 18. Establishing a transparent zoning regime infrastructure that protects property-related rights ”,“ 21. the establishment of Turkey's National Geographic Information System "," 25. Completing the infrastructure and superstructure works in the areas damaged by terrorist acts in the southeast ”,“ 1. Establishing High Technology Support Programs for the development of high-tech products in our country with domestic opportunities ”,“ Providing approximately TL 1.225 Million support to SMEs, especially the technology and manufacturing sectors for Domestic and National Production ”,“ 3. Turkey the establishment of the Space Agency, "" 5. Development of Domestic Satellite and Satellite Technologies ”,“ 6. IT and Information Security Projects ”,“ 17. Development of Domestic and National Technologies ”under the title of“ 20. Starting Local and National 5G and Beyond Studies ”,“ 21. Production of rail system vehicles in the country ”,“ 6. Signing of project contracts for the production of domestic and national ammunition ”and“ 12. HGM-KÜRE and HGM-ATLAS applications, which have a map-visual system such as Google Earth and Yandex, and which are prepared completely locally and nationally, will be made available to the public in November 2018. Although projects such as the Launch of the 6 cm Resolution Local Observation Satellite Project seem positive, they are projects that are contradictory with some other measures in the program and difficult to solve in a short time.

“9. The vaccine is a strategic product to ensure vernacularization in Turkey "as issues requiring long-term study would not be possible to provide 100 days are welcome.

“36. The issue of reducing the number of signatures in the building license to 1 ”is considered as the ignoring of our professional rights due to the acceleration of the bureaucracy.

With the communiqué published in 02.05.2018 date and 30409 (recurrent) Official Gazette to be remembered, the new Construction License Form Standard No. TS 8737 has entered into force. Following the notification, by the Ministry of Interior, the processing of the changes in the license form in the application of the Spatial Address Registration System Building Documents; households with the owner of the building owner, the building contractor, the construction supervisor, the building inspectors (responsible for the projects) and the wet signatures of the project authors have been removed.

According to the new construction license standard; Except for the administrative authorities who regulate the license, only the wet signature of the building supervisor company authority is sufficient to regulate the building license. On the other hand, the application of registering the names and related information of the responsible persons in the areas where the signatures are removed is still in progress.

In our country, in an economic order that is more clearly understood that it is not based on capital and rent-oriented, purely construction activities, and recently it is not sustainable; It is known that the bureaucratic operation, which provides quality professional services and public auditing that are based on the principles of planning and urbanism, is perceived as a factor that slows down the structure production process and prevents the construction market from producing fast business.

In this context, it is planned to reduce the signature of the project authors in the building permits and to reduce the signature to the single signature in the 100 Daily Executive Program; 6306, which paves the way for demolition and intense structuring in all areas by accelerating the looting of urban land by means of non-objective applications; it should be considered together with the Law on Reconstruction (Peace) and numerous Decree Laws, which provide for legitimation and encourage illegal construction.

With these arrangements; the front of counterfeiting is opened and the savings on the works of the project authors are ignored and the process of obtaining the licenses is planned to be completed without the knowledge and approval of the project owners architects and engineers.

However, the professional rights and competences are the guarantee of the society's access to qualified Architecture and Engineering services and the assurance of a healthy built environment. On the basis of the declaration of the citizen, as in the process of mak Reconstruction of Reconstruction mühendis we are living, it is also wrong to remove the approvals of engineers and architects from the licensing processes if it is wrong to disable engineers and architects. These regulations, which aim to disable our professional rights under the name of simplifying the bureaucracy, are the practices that cause our colleagues to experience professional losses.

TMMOB, through the restriction of professional rights; will continue its struggle against such regulations that will prevent qualified architecture, engineering and planning services to reach the society and fulfill the responsibilities of the professional organizations and public institutions which are the assurance of the professions' competencies.

Eleri 7. In order to open the fields contaminated with mines and unexploded ordnance to agriculture and animal husbandry; Ere 1,6 million square meters of cleanliness kö is an issue that has been raised in the past years and it should be ensured that the areas suitable for agriculture after cleaning the mined areas are distributed to the landless peasants / farmers by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Family ında 20. In order to improve the living conditions of our seasonal agricultural workers and their families and to ensure the prevention of child labor in seasonal agriculture, the issue of tarım completion of activities Mev is a problem that has been on the agenda for years, but cannot be solved because serious policies cannot be implemented. The problem is not possible to be solved in 100 days, but a long-term permanent solution is required.

Ministry of Commerce X 3. Establishing modern wholesaler states and ensuring product traceability m, hall 17. . Integrating Agricultural Products into Financial Markets by Product Specialized Exchange esi issues are issues that should be carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In the face of the fact that the problems experienced with the Hal Law, Licensed Warehousing Law and Product Specialized Exchanges, which have been removed and changed for years, cannot be solved, the model of production and consumption cooperatives should be implemented.


Turkey lived one of the greatest economic crises in history we live in, called the biggest crisis to increase simply install and connect to external forces is the reason why it is not true. From inflation to unemployment, from impoverishment to economic recession, we are facing a comprehensive economic crisis that turns our lives into nightmares in all areas.

The main reason for this crisis is the neoliberal policies based on privatization, marketization and deregulation, which have been applied uninterruptedly in the direction of global capital forces since 1980.

16 has been implementing these policies for years and the AKP government is responsible for the crisis. A large number of our productive public institutions were disposed of with the help of involuntary privatizations, and the remaining few were disarmed by their administrative integrity and liberalization practices. The country's economy is based on high rates of borrowing and intense import input.

With these policies, our country has been dragged into rent quicksand, our production ability has been eroded. Production-investment-saving policies have been replaced by consumption policies. Productive sectors such as agriculture and industry were reduced and the country's resources were directed to low value added services sector with construction and contracting works centered on rent distribution.

Turkey has a structure of the economy is dependent on foreign long years since. Our economy based on external resources instead of production is facing big crises in every situation where hot money flow is cut. Every crisis we experience results in the destruction of our people and our country.

During the ruling period, the AKP's mismanaged economic policies have reduced the low exchange rate and low interest rates created by monetary expansion policies in central capitalist countries to inefficient construction projects rather than industrialization, technological development and production.

Market actors, who have been pushed to over-borrowing and lending with high economic growth discourse, have become unable to pay their debts today and the flow of money has stopped in the real sector due to companies that cannot pay their debts and apply for restructuring their loans. Especially in the sectors where imported raw materials and intermediate goods are used, production has become impossible and mass dismissals have begun. At this point, the increase in the exchange rate not only decreases the purchasing power of the people, but also causes a widespread unemployment and impoverishment.

The AKP's wasteful steps to increase consumption before elections and the credit policies that encouraged borrowing have caused the crisis to grow even more. What deepens the crisis is the anti-democratic, repressive and illegal policies of the AKP. It is not possible for the AKP, which wants to cover up the fight against the economic crisis by means of repressive-threatening methods, rather than by intelligent methods, to solve this economic crisis.

Ve 100 Daily Execution Program in is the most important evidence that the AKP is not oriented towards the crisis, arguing that the crisis could be solved by the exchange of foreign currency under the pillow.

Recently, the Ministry of Development, the Republic of Turkey Presidency Strategy and Budget Presidency on the web site and covering the present-day Medium-Term Programs; Medium Term Program 2016-2018, Medium Term Program 2017-2019, Medium Term Program 2018-2020. While 3 has separate OVP covering the same years prepared by the same power, preparing a new OVP will not be enough to solve the problems.

With the logic of planned development of our country, 1963 Five-Year Development Plans were prepared from 2005 to 8. The Ninth and Tenth Development Plan was prepared between 2007 and 2018, when the term “Five Years” was removed from the plan. While preparing the aforementioned development plans, steady growth, the fight against inflation, increasing the level of welfare of citizens and reducing the gap in development among regions have attracted attention as the unchanging targets of these plans. Turkey will implement the 2019-2023 period will include studies on economic and social policies 11. Development Plan is located on the web page.

In summary; Development Plans are disarmed, the Medium-Term Programs are intertwined and continuously updated in the process, which is explained by insisting on the wrong policies for years. it is clear that it is not possible to get rid of and become a developed country.

Today, the AKP says it will implement its policy of austerity under the name of fiscal discipline in order to get out of the crisis. Until now, when the economy is squeezed, the social spending, especially education and health, comes into play and the belt is bored with the large segments of the society that are struggling with their labor. The main need for savings in the public sector is the large-scale expenditures of the AKP for the sake of political interests, particularly palace expenses and covered expenditure.

3 dated 2018 dated TMMOB 45. At the Ordinary General Assembly Final Declaration, the following determinations were taken.

Hukuk In our country, the law was taken under foot. The demand for right, law and justice is one of today's most common and serious social demands. Our Association will defend the rule of law against the judiciary under political power. Karşı

Sosyal As a result of the neoliberal policies implemented over the years, the country's assets were destroyed by investments that did not meet the primary needs of the people, and an economic-social structure was created in which the human and social values ​​were eroded and the individual interests were kept above the public interest. Our Association against this created structure; he will continue to advocate for sharing, solidarity, egalitarian, socialist and publicist policies. paylaş

Ina Since the production is not based on the population, the growth tale, which does not reflect the lives of the people and does not create any employment, has no credibility. While the skewed economic structure fills the safes of the capital sector, the exploitation of labor, job killings and income injustice are imposed on our people. Our Association will struggle for a country that produces, industrializes, prevents job killings, has no unemployment, and not the labor legislation but the scientific and technical approaches that determine the safety and health of the public. Bir

Iştir Our living areas, creeks, coasts, forests, pastures, mines, water, air, neoliberal policies have been opened to the unbridled damage of capital, irreparable damage to our geography is given. Despite all our warnings from the nuclear power plant projects which are costly and externally dependent on energy that endangers the future of our country and our region, we have not been discontinued. Zoning plans, urban transformation policies are not shaped by the center of human life and nature but by the demands of capital. As an election investment, the amnesty of illegal construction offered to the society as a reconstruction peace is jeopardizing public health, legitimizing betrayal of life, cities, nature and society. Our Union; It will continue to fight against the destruction of our nature, our habitats and our historical heritage. doğ

45. In the working period, TMMOB and its affiliated Chambers, which carry out their works with the determination to continue the struggle without separating the problems of our profession and our colleagues from the problems of our people and our country; We will continue to face all projects and practices that are threatened by the demands of the capital groups, which are threatened by the people's lives and are not centered on human life and nature. will continue.

What needs to be done, instead of the economy of rent, the economy of production, instead of capital priorities, public interests, instead of luxury and extravagance-based management understanding of savings, instead of daily policies to prioritize an approach that prioritizes planned development.

The 100 Daily Executive Program should be reviewed completely and the expenditures and projects wasting public resources should be stopped.

Public Private Partnership agreements with foreign exchange indexed purchase guarantee, which increases the burden on the people and the budget, should be rearranged and public Private Partnership projects that have not yet been implemented should be canceled.

Projects aiming to transfer rent to the capital segments instead of the priority needs of the people, especially the Istanbul and Akkuyu Nuclear Plant, should be stopped immediately.

Unemployed people should not be used for the purpose of collecting the money collected in the Unemployment Fund and should be ensured that the workers and their families who are unemployed during the crisis can continue their lives.

All activities of the Fund for Funds, which are given to the control of all public assets of the country, should be stopped.

Billions of dollars in military agreements with the US and Russia should be canceled.

The exit from the crisis is possible not by submission to the wishes of the imperialist powers, international monopolies, multinational corporations, but by implementing a cynical approach to labor that considers the general interest of the people.


  1. TMMOB s against every positive service / activity / investment to production. Even the truth of the room is doubtful.

  2. TMMOB s against every positive service / activity / investment to production. Even the truth of the room is doubtful.