Smart Traffic Systems Installation Works Started in Sakarya

Work on 'Smart Traffic Management System' project has started. Fatih Pistil said, kav Our total 40 signaling intersection in our city center will be controlled by remote connection. At the 30 junction, which is subject to heavy traffic, signal times will be automatically adjusted according to the number of vehicles. With Smart Intersections; Red light waiting time of vehicles will be reduced by up to 35. A healthy traffic planning will be made with the data to be collected at the 70 pieces of measurement. X

The installation of 'Smart Traffic Management System', which is implemented by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality in the area of ​​transportation, has started. Underlining that they will minimize the traffic density and average travel time in the city center, Fatih Pistil said that 3 will be involved in the project.

Traffic saving with smart junctions
Fatih Pistil said:, At our 40 signalize junction in our city center, it will be possible to control and interfere with remote connection. Our 30 junction will automatically measure the number of vehicles and automatically adjust the signal times at the intersections according to the vehicle density. At this point, we have obtained very important data in our analysis. With Smart Intersections; Red light waiting time of vehicles will be reduced by up to% 35. According to the calculations, the annual carbon dioxide emission is 6 million 669 thousand 351 kilograms, while the air pollution PM10 gas emission is less than the 6 million 567 thousand 793 grams. Considering these figures, we should say that it is an environmental project. In addition, the annual fuel savings amount of 2 million 627 thousand 116 liters, while the annual fuel saving amount of 16 million 472 thousand TL is planning to be Ayrıca.

Road networks to be used effectively
Yap In another system, we will install 5 units of Variable Message System to the most important entry arteries of our city. With this system, we will inform our drivers about traffic density, traffic accidents, weather and road conditions, we will direct our drivers both to alternative roads and control the traffic flow in accordance with this information. Thus, the regional traffic densities will be reduced and the road network capacity will be used more effectively Böylece.

70 pieces measuring point
Cak The Traffic Analysis System will calculate the average travel time between two or more points instantly and allow them to be shared and displayed instantly via mobile platforms or Variable Message Systems. With the 70 measuring point, with this system, each vehicle will generate a traffic data for us and we will have the opportunity to plan a healthy traffic in the light of these data. With our mobile application, we will share instant road situation and density information with our citizens through maps. We will also offer our citizens the ability to follow the signaling live. These projects, which we will implement in the field of traffic, will substantially relieve the city's traffic future. Trafik

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