Bursaray Flights 3 will be reduced from minute to minute

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, the city's bleeding wound all the problems, especially the transportation is disappearing day by day, while the 3 minutes from the 2.5 minutes of the subway will be reduced to the heralds.
Bursa's new transport models

President Alinur Aktas, who hosted his family in his office in the Metropolitan Municipality, made very important statements.


Reminding that transportation is the most important issue of Bursa, Aktas reminded that the city's 60 and 70 complain about rail system, bus, private vehicle, pedestrian overpasses and parking lots. Alinur Aktaş emphasized that they have done some studies in order to improve all these parameters. Layan First of all, we went to price discounts for the promotion of public transportation. I hope we will have a surprise again in the near future. 17 schools begin on September. There will really be an extreme movement. In this sense, we are again making a surprise about public transportation, but we are making moves to relieve certain points Bu.


Aktas emphasized that they have made big buses into two small buses in order to increase their number of flights. The time intervals will fall from 20 and half minutes to 3 minutes. This means that you can transport more than 2 percent with the same tools. Together with the new city hospital stage in the 40 and a half kilometer line in the light rail system to be engaged. Everyone speaks of the Lightning metro, but more urgent than the Lightning metro. In order for the very delayed T5 to take over, we carry out all our activities quickly. I'm saying a little bit about the old bus because 2 is a year to cover. 1 is an investment that will find millions. The renewal of the buses is being tried to be provided on the one hand temin.


Alinur Aktaş gave information about the financial situation of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and said dair We have a debt burden. There is an ongoing process. There are ongoing investments in 17 district both in infrastructure and superstructure. You can appreciate the financing of these and our current revenues are not enough. In fact, there are so many months in our current revenues that the arrivals do not meet the departures. We need to create new additional revenue sources. Of course, creating an additional source of income is not just selling land. There are different models. For once, saving money is an important issue for us. We try to use the facilities with maximum efficiency as much as possible. We strive to be as efficient as possible in staff, equipment, vehicle and finance de.


Aktas expressed that they want to create more resources for the municipality in the service point of Bursalılarına Aktaş said, ist Our land in Başköy was dominated by fields. In order to create a new city in that region, an area of ​​219 acres was opened. We are trying to create additional income with this and similar applications. We have build, operate and transfer model projects. Together with the philanthropic opportunities we have applied in the period. When we use the figures in the best way, we want to compete in our tenders. Our aim is to make our payments regularly and no one will be harmed. In case of extra cases related to period expropriation, we need to be prepared. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will continue to search for resources every year. At this point, we will see how soon we have taken the right steps to see all of our citizens from Bursa. Bu

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