Statement by SAMULAŞ about the Tram Accident

At Samsun at 10.50 am, a tram hit 77-year-old ST at Kılıçdede Station. The person under the tram was taken to the hospital by ambulance while being taken out of the tram by firefighters.

Regarding the accident, the following statement was made from Samulaş A.Ş., a subsidiary of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality; “Today, at 10:50 am, after the contact at Kılıçdede Tram Station pedestrian level crossing, our citizen, who was under the tram, was immediately taken to the scene by the fire brigade, the medical teams and the personnel, and he was taken to the Samsun Training Research Hospital by the medical teams at the scene. It has been removed.

With the information we receive, we experience the happiness of learning that our passenger ST is in good health.

In this respect, we kindly request all our citizens to be careful during crossing the pedestrian crossings and at the tram stops in order not to encounter more sad events. Respectfully announced to the public. ”



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