First Day of Schools in Samsun Free to Teachers and Students

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Sahin 2018-2019 17 of the academic year of September with the arrival of Samulaş transport students and teachers will not be charged.

Zihni Sahin, Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality said in his statement:: 2018-2019 will be officially started on Monday. First of all, I wish that the school year will be beneficial to our students, teachers, parents and our country. I believe that we will carry our country to a better future, to our society, to our homeland, to our nation, to our devoted teachers who will adhere to our state, to protect our national and spiritual values ​​and to fight for this I wish you success. 17 On Monday, the transportation to and from Samulaş for our students and teachers will be free of charge. " said.

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