New Transportation Lines in Sakarya in New Education Period

Deputy Secretary General Ali Oktar explained the arrangements made in public transportation due to the opening of the schools: X We increased the number of voyages on our bus lines 4, 19K and 26 which are connected to the campus. With the 21K and 22K buses from Yenikent, we have implemented alternatives that will facilitate the transportation of the campus. We brought comfort to hospital transportation from Korucuk by line number 25. Good luck. Hayır

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ali Oktar, 17 will be opened on Monday in September, announced the arrangements for public transport before the new period of education. Deputy Secretary General Oktar expressed that they had taken the necessary steps for their transportation to their schools and wished success to all the students in the new term.

Increased number of flights
Ali Oktar, Deputy Secretary-General, said, Pazartesi 17 The new school year begins on Monday, September. As Metropolitan Municipality, we made necessary preparations. First of all, we went to winter practice and we made frequent expeditions especially at school entrance and exit times. We have increased the number of voyages on our 4, 19K and 26 lines, which are connected to the campus via our municipal bus services Belediye.

Direct access to the campus from Yenikent
Ali Oktar said, “We have implemented alternatives that will facilitate the transportation of campuses from Yenikent area. Karaman, Camili 1 and Camili 2 as well as Korucuk Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard-Summer Intersection-Mehmet Akif Ersoy Street-Tunatan Interchange-Medeniyet Boulevard-We start campus lines directly from the campus route. Our bus lines 21K and 22K will serve on this route. Together with these lines, our citizens of Yenikentli will be able to reach Serdivan and Campus on the fastest way without going around the city center birlikte.

New transportation to Korucuk
Oktar stated that they received high demand from Korucuk and they offered the line 25 at this point and added: hizmet With this route, especially the hospital passengers will be able to reach the hospital directly and quickly from the shortest route. We will also serve Dorukkent, Vakıfkent and Idealkent passengers. We were frequently receiving requests from the Korucuk region. Hopefully with this new line will be in front of this, İn he said.

New stadium from campus
Asında We will continue to provide services to the new stadium on the line 15, başlat said Oktar. Population, workplace and schools opened rapidly in this region. With our line 15, we will continue to provide transportation services from this area to the city center, Adnan Menderes Street and Campus route. In addition, we have foreseen some revisions to our customers in order to provide more effective services and to meet the demands of our citizens. We will continue to strengthen our public transport structure in parallel with the development of our city. Good luck. Hayır

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