Ministry of Transport Response to Allegations of Corruption at the 3rd Airport

📩 27/04/2019 19:45

In the Istanbul New Airport Project with a total investment amount of 10 billion 247 million Euros in 4 stages, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, as a result of the revisions, the payment made by the administration for the differences to be determined in favor of the contractor company and the public in this case is damaged. It is stated that there is no such thing as the contractor company making a profit.

A statement was made from the Ministry regarding the allegations of CHP MP Aykut Erdoğdu that there was corruption at the Istanbul New Airport.

In the statement, Erdoğdu's "Istanbul New Airport Project, how have the elevations and coordinates changed?" On the question, it was reminded that the tender specifications and annexes of the project, which was tendered on May 3, 2013, were subject to change with the approval of the original level, coordinate and original master plan. Following the signing of the contract with the company established by the joint venture, the tender was concluded that very detailed geological studies supported by university reports were carried out on the ground where the airport will be built, as a result of the studies, it was deemed mandatory to make revisions in line with the terms and conditions and this subject was approved by the administration subject to the conditions.

The total investment amount 10 billion 247 million 4 stage of the project as a result of the revisions, the cost of the contractor in favor of the contractor can be determined by the method of payment to be determined by the administration, the statement declared by the administration, the public in this case is damaged or the contractor firm to make a profit the situation is not mentioned.

Erdoğdu, "2 years after the contract was signed, was there a situation and public loss in favor of the operator by delivering the site?" In response to the question, it was stated in the article titled "the delivery of the contract" that the delivery of the site will be postponed if there are official authority decisions to prevent land delivery.

Since the process of obtaining the necessary forest permits required to start work after the signing of the contract of Istanbul New Airport on 19 November 2013 could not be completed, it was noted that the company in charge of site delivery, map measurement, ground survey and seismic studies were carried out in order to prepare the project. .

“Banks provided a total of 4 billion 480 million euro loans”

Erdoğdu's "Financing guarantee conditions have been changed after the tender and will be transferred to the public if the loan debt is not paid?" In the statement that the Build-Operate-Transfer is an extra-budgetary financing model and the entire investment is financed by the private sector outside the state budget, the statement of the company in question is to equity to a minimum of 20 percent of the investment amount, It was emphasized that he had to pay the rest by credit.

The Authority is authorized to undertake the external financing provided for the purpose of financing the investment and service, if it is taken over by the relevant administrations under the title of “Credit Undertaking” of the Law on the Implementation of Some Investments and Services within the Framework of Build-Operate-Transfer Model. . " In this context, in the context of the termination of the application contract of the Istanbul New Airport Project, the 36th article titled the termination of the contract, if the termination of the contract before the end of the contract, provided that the facility is taken over for free, but it was allocated to the investment and used for investment by withdrawing from the loan. The principal and interest expenses in the case of termination of the loans that have not been repaid to credit institutions until the period of investment and operation during the period of investment and operation, and the principal and all financing expenses in case of termination other than the company fault, will be paid to the credit institutions by the administration within the terms and periods in the current loan agreement. ” It was stated that the provision was included.

Under the terms of the contract and the relevant articles of the contract, the undertaking's undertaking the debt of the company with the banks concerned and the direct DHMİ General Directorate also participated in the contract negotiations and the parties to the said contracts were recorded.

For the financing of the Istanbul New Airport Project, one of the largest investment projects in the history of the Republic, a total of 4 billion 480 million Euros was created by the group of banks led by Ziraat Bank, with the participation of private banks such as Vakıfbank, Halk Bank, as well as private banks such as Garanti Bank, Denizbank and Finansbank. It was stated that there was no treasury guarantee in the project built within the scope of Build-Operate-Transfer.

“The land that lost its forest quality was rehabilitated”

Erdoğdu, "When choosing the airport location, have the ground, wind values ​​and the environmental impact of this airport been taken into account?" In response to the question, it was pointed out that the planned area for the project is close to the sea and the city center, the expropriation cost for a project area of ​​this size is very low and the inability of Atatürk Airport to meet the current capacity is among the most important factors in the selection of the location.

It was emphasized that the location of the airport was previously a mining site and lost its forest character. It was emphasized that the land filled with pits was rehabilitated and transformed into a green space which is very green and environmentally sensitive.

It is stated that detailed pre-tender studies are carried out, environmental impact assessment (EIA) approval is obtained for the project area, wind measurements, ground survey reports are prepared and given to the tenderers. It was noted that the studies on flora and fauna of the region were carried out, birdwatching studies were carried out meticulously and the project was completed, an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly, unobstructed, green and Leed Certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environment-Friendly Design) was aimed to be introduced to the country.

Erdoğdu's "Will the airport opening be delayed because the facilities required for THY cannot be built by İGA?" In response to the question, it was stated that the opening of the Istanbul New Airport will be held on 29 October as planned.

In addition, the problems that can be experienced in this scale and after the move can cause significant problems for all parties and the aviation sector.

In addition, Erdoğdu's "Are materials removed from other places used in the construction of the airport?" The question was answered with an emphasis on the use of state-of-the-art systems and devices in the project and the use of materials removed from another place.

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