Cumhuriyet University Acceleration

Rector of Sivas Cumhuriyet University Alim YILDIZ, I visited the authorities in the new year of education and academic year, the university and the University of good luck I wish. CU infrastructure and road works have become regular and this year we have learned from the Rector that 9.000 students will participate in education and training. C. is potentially deserve to enter the first 10 in Turkey. We believe that this bar will increase not only by the rector but also by the people of Sivas. I am reporting that we will do the necessary work in Ankara to allocate 540 civil servants and academic staff to the university.


With the 60 thousand student population, it is our duty to offer a better understanding of Sivas to increase student satisfaction by opening new areas of new accommodation and excursion for students and opening social areas and economic areas.

In order to ensure that the education is at a high quality point, the number of staff of the lecturer and the civil servant staff should be the norm.

Staff in the Faculty of Medicine staff in various branches of staff shortages should be eliminated in a short time.

We would like to thank Mr. Rector Alim Yıldız for his work. We declare that we will support our positive projects as our union.

If the high-speed train project is done in the campus area, it is divided between city and university. In the case of light rail system, which has been described in Sivas Ü written and visual press many times since 2011, 60 has reached the number of 40 thousand which has become a necessity to transport uninterruptedly. The harmony of harm is also unfit for our age. Our project needs to be implemented immediately.


1- As a light rail terminal location, following the 500 meter towards the city center, following the College Campus Faculty of Dentistry, after passing the Kızılırmak River as a bridge, following the existing roadway a thousand five hundred meters and passing the Erzincan Ring Road as a tube gate, tram stop at Yenişehir Mahallesi Village Garage. will be paused.

2- Yenişehir terminal station will be distributed to Sivas Center in three directions. The first network will be from Yenişehir Terminal Station towards Aksu direction (East) and follow the Mısmıl Irmak basin and it will pass through Dede honey District, Av.Gazi Quarter, Ali baba District and Çay Boyu Neighborhood.

The second route will be from Yenişehir Terminal Station to Aksu direction and after passing from the district of Pulur to the north, it will pass by Behram Paşa Han from the front of the Muftir Building and pass through the Bazaar Bazaar Subaşı Khan (old bus stop).

The third route will be from Yenişehir Terminal Station to the west by passing the bus terminal and highway and then the railway network will take the direction of the towering direction and reach the DSİ Regional Directorate.

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