New Project Good News From Transport Minister Turhan

📩 24/12/2018 17:10

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, M. Cahit Turhan, stating that big projects continue without slowing down, "I want to announce that we will start new big projects in the coming days." said.

Turhan, at the press conference held after the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge full model wind tunnel test, reminded that the wind tunnel test of the world's largest span suspension bridge was performed at the Wind Engineering Research Center at Southwest Jiaotong University in China within the scope of the Çanakkale Bridge and its connection roads.

As the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Turhan said that they are carrying out many projects to develop and improve the transportation infrastructure of the country and provide more safe, high quality and economic transportation service.

Turhan said that they carried out a significant portion of the projects in question with build-operate-transfer model (BOT).

For the financing of these projects, Turhan said that 15 billion euros were borrowed from abroad and that one of the projects that received credit from abroad was Çanakkale Bridge and Connection Roads Project.

Turhan, the North and South Marmara region and the Aegean region is an important transportation artery to connect the project, the relief of road transportation, especially in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean and Western Anatolia regions of the eastern and western European countries will carry out an important task in the export of exports products said.

Pointing out that the project will also reduce the traffic in the Bosphorus, Turhan stated that it will also eliminate vehicle queues in car ferries in the Dardanelles during the weekend and holiday periods, and will provide an economical, fast, safe and comfortable transportation service.

Stating that the contractor firm of the project provided 2 billion 265 million Euros of external financing, Turhan stated that 70 percent of the project cost was provided by foreign sources. Turhan, on March 18, 2017 that the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan laid the foundation of the bridge ceremony attended also recalled, gave information about the studies carried out.

Test completed successfully

Turhan stated that the tower and deck wind tests of the bridge were conducted in Canada and Denmark and were successfully completed.

“In the wind tunnel test we participated in today (China), our bridge was subjected to a wind speed of about 82 meters per second, or 300 kilometers per hour, and successfully passed this test. We participated in only one part of this test. These tests are subjected to different load systems before that. These tests will continue for a while. As a result, when it is concluded that there is no problem in the project of the bridge, the projects of these structures will be finalized and manufactured. The towers, deck, suspension ropes and main cable of the bridge will be mounted instead. "

New project gospel

Thanking President Erdogan for his support and guidance in bringing big projects to the people of the country, Turhan said, "I want to announce in advance that we will start new big projects in the coming days." he spoke.

Turhan added that major projects throughout the country continued unabated and there was no interruption in investments.

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