New Transportation Investments for Bursa

President Aktas gave important clues about the ongoing works and new projects to be visited during the visit to Olay Medya and underlined that they will make significant investments in transportation.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş visited Olay Media and met with managers and columnists. In addition to ongoing studies, Aktaş gave important information about the planned works.

We have 2 emergency transportation investments ahead of us. The first one is to launch the 20 million Euro signaling system, which will increase the number of passengers by increasing the number of passengers in Bursaray. The other one is Bursaray's new line of 60 million Euros, which will provide access to the City Hospital in Doğanköy.

80 million euros in total, in other words yesterday, around $ 615 million pounds need a source. We are planning 2 moves to cover this extremely high price. First, build-operate-transfer or revenue partnership model. The other is the realization of a trolleybus-style transportation system that will be the first in Bursa instead of the rail system which requires high cost in Doğanköy. Di

Desi I met the contractor of the T-2 Line in Istanbul Street. The company's intention is to complete the 80 of the business. We can go on a new supply tender. Moreover, it is not clear when tram construction will end. We are going to use the legal rights of the company officials as an excuse for the rise of exchange rate. The rise of exchange rate is a monthly development of 3-4. Despite this, we made improvements to the company's hand.

The currency fluctuation brought additional burden close to one billion liras. The Metropolitan Municipality Council will have important tenders today. 219 acres land suitable for public housing in Başköy, we expect a significant income from the land to be sold in Beşyol by revenue partnership method. At the end of this month, we will also sell 19 of 15, a percentage of our XNUMX shares at Zafer Plaza.

We can move the wharf of BUDO to the area filled as a parking lot. In this way, the traffic of Mudanya will breathe. Bu

Var We have a serious foreign exchange loan of 3,8 million Euros every three months. The reimbursement of this loan is twice as expensive as 10 months ago. I keep hoping about the currency.

Looking forward to a more positive picture in the coming period. For a healthier economy on behalf of the city, we will turn to sectors that will increase the input of foreign exchange.

I see the tourism sector as the indispensable part of Bursa in terms of providing foreign exchange with growth. Success in industry should be reflected in the tourism sector. We must get the share we deserve from the tourism cake. We need to bring the values ​​to the world by emphasizing the introduction. Tanıtım

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