Modern and Safe New Bridge to Nazilli

The construction of the bridge on the 59 / 1 street in the Aydoğdu quarter 17 / XNUMX street was completed by the Nazilli Municipality, and the bridge was opened to traffic.

Stating that the opening of the 27-eyed culvert bridge, which is approximately 10 meters long and 3 meters wide, will be opened in the coming days, Mayor Haluk Alicek said, “We demolished the unusable old bridge, which is not suitable for today's conditions, and built a modern bridge instead. In addition to the vehicle traffic, our bridge, which is located on the transition route to the schools, was expanded to our Nazilli. kazanWe wish good luck to our new bridge Nazilli, which was completed by lighting works by our municipality teams”.

Highlighting that the services to the district should be protected by the people of Nazilli, Alıcık said, li As Nazilli Municipality, we have implemented projects that appeal to everyone from 7 to 70. But it is important to leave the works of the future generations to leave the most beautiful way, l he said.

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