Mustafa Tuna "We Will Build Tram Line With Ulus Square Project"

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, from the projects to the lower and upper structure to the new projects, made important statements that closely concern the agenda of the Capital.

President Tuna shared the details of the “New Ulus Square Project ata, which has been spoken in Ankara for years and could not be implemented.

Crosses OK

Kepekli, Akkopru and Turk Telekom intersections completed before the opening of schools Tuna, "Three junction service in a short time to enter the capital traffic comforted," he said.

In the context of the drinking water and storm water line renovations initiated at the critical point of 15 in Ankara, President Tuna said that they had given priority to Akay Junction and completed the works here. X Mamak Bosphorus Quarter is one of them and we continue to work there. In fact, a very delicate and fine manufacturing is being done. We don't know what's under the floor, electric cables, telephone lines, etc. For example, there is a very important phone line in Kizilay. The General Staff. If something is done wrong, four or five days can be repaired. We're going to take it step by step, like we're operating. Thank God so far we have completed the work without harming anything. Al


The President of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization together with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that they will implement the meydan New Ulus Square Project T in order to bring a new challenge worthy of the capital as Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Acak Traffic will be placed under the ground and there will be a pedestrian zone above the ground. Melike Hatun Mosque and Youth Park from the front by creating a square, from Çankırı Street to the bottom of the place where the Roman Bath and YIBA Bazaar will continue until the underground traffic flow. The area where the Atatürk statue of Ulus is located will also be a challenge. The road from Bentderesi to Anafartalar Street will pass under this square. The operation of taking the road underground must be done by opening and closing çok There is a lot of electricity, water, sewer, telephone lines under the ground. I hope to end next year. There will also be Tram in this project. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure works. The cost of underpassing the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, we will contribute to the environment and some studies. Together with the three institutions, we would like to provide this project to the residents of Ankara with the contributions and support of our President. We will organize a tram line from Melike Hatun Mosque to Hacı Bayram. In terms of pedestrians in terms of transportation, a project that will bring comfort and be beautiful. I hope to bring this project to Ankara.

Mayor Tuna also stated that there are two gardens of the project in Ankara. Construction work will begin shortly. Since there is not a big problem under the ground, the upper structure, tree planting will be carried out. I don't think this will be a nuisance. Depending on the weather conditions can be completed in six months, a job can be completed.


Pointing out that the Ankapark tender process is continuing, Tuna said that she wants the tender to be completed as soon as possible and she said:

Tir It is a very important project if it is spoken and discussed a lot. Hopefully, it becomes a suitable suit and results. It's a job that requires professionalism, not easy work. It's not a project that everyone can run. The machines there are sensitive. God forbid it would be a problem, so professional people need to operate. I expect a result from every tender. Do I make the tender I do not expect the result? I expect a positive result from this tender. Bu

Chairman Tuna, Channel Ankara project is about to be completed and will be a tender as a whole said.


Mr. Tuna stated that the rough construction of the 15 July Museum was done by the Metropolitan Municipality. In There are many details such as animations, sound, light and image and these are delicate works. Ministry of Culture and Tourism will perform fine works, artistic works. It will be a completely underground museum. There will be a walk way to the monument at the entrance and exit. We will also make the car park as Metropolitan, we will finish the construction of the rough as soon as possible and hand it over to the ministry. I think the next 15 will grow until July, Ön he said.


Noting that the biggest need of the capital is transportation and infrastructure, ve there is a lot more work to be done in this area, “said President Tuna, who announced that they would expand Rail Systems:

Lazım A lot of roads have been built, but the rail system has to increase. We are working on this. We have two metro lines and two Ankaray line projects. One of them will be connected from Etlik Hospital to Forum Ankara and from the Sites to Kuyubaşı Airport. We are planning to continue from Ankara to Söğütözü to METU, from Dikimev to Mamak NATO Road. We also have additional projects on new roads. We have a connection to İncek Boulevard from Bilkent Hospital on the Eskişehir Highway and from there to the Niğde Highway by the Ring Road. We work with our General Directorate of Highways. However, by making a parallel route to Konya, we will also ease the traffic. Briefly, the main issue is rail systems. Kecioren Metro continues. There is no problem in the studies. After reaching the Kızılay, we will take the dolmuş (underground) at Güvenpark under the ground and relieve the area. K


President Tuna, Eryaman Stadium for the completion of an intense work is carried out by pointing, according to the agreement between the Metropolitan Municipality and the contractor, the land stressed that the construction of the stat stressed.

Noting that there is no payment under the agreement, President Tuna underlined that the construction of the stat is followed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. We'll take over the National Real Estate after the construction is over. Then it will be transferred to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This is the truth. Doğ

Explaining the controversy regarding the transportation of AŞTİ, President Tuna said that there would be no move, no additional costs needed. AKYURT Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, said the fair will be completed next year.


President Tuna also clarified the discussions on public access to water and bread.

“We don't raise bread. 250 grams folk bread 70 penny. We'il go as far as we can, as long as we can. We're already subsidizing. We don't raise the bread, we won't. We have a promise that we will not raise the water until the end of the year. In particular we have made a discount on water in provincial districts in dairy farms where life should be continued, not migrating. Agriculture and animal husbandry need to be supported. We wanted to make a contribution to the water discount. We do not raise transportation. Ulaş


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