Mısra Öz: Ort Çorlu Train Accidents in the Middle of the Negligence, Responsible Judge ra

Oğuz Arda Sel'i son of 9 and his former wife Hakan Sel'ı Çorlu lost in the train accident Mısra Öz, 'I want justice' he said.

Hilal TOK from Evrensel: Nearly three months have passed since the tragedy in Çorlu, where 25 lost its lives and 338 was wounded. Reports published by professional organizations, the result of negligence revealed that the win. Officials, as always, instead of explaining these omissions or taking notice of the warnings, "natural disasters," said they passed. Then everything went as it used to be, as if nothing had happened. Two days after the accident, the same train route began.

However, it is not so easy for the relatives of those who lost their lives. The result of all the negligence is heavier for the rest. Since then, they have been seeking a response to the screams of bir justice O; but they are not heard, nor can they find answers to their questions.

Mısra Öz is one of the people who stayed behind. 9 lost his son Oğuz Arda Sel'i and his ex-wife Hakan Sel. Mısra Öz, who said lad I want justice, en answered our questions:

We know how the train accident happened, and then what happened; but what have you experienced? Could you tell us about that day?
I was home on the day of the train crash. When the train was moving, we were talking about video with Oğuz Arda. Then I saw the news of the accident on TV in the form of a subtitle. Because I knew they were on the train, I called. I panicked, all my environment, "They are not," he said. I couldn't reach it. I tried to get to the scene. We went up to a certain point, cut the road, cops. A car carrying water was going to help instead of an accident. Ruke, please. On the way they were talking; 'Why does this car go to the crash site? 4 × 4 must be in order to get there.' Even the vehicles that went to the scene were chosen like this… We could go to a place with that vehicle. The gendarmes stopped; ”You cannot go,“ he said, boş we brought water and. I poured boiling water down my head. I didn't have children, I didn't know where he was, there was a broadcast ban, and we couldn't learn anything from anywhere. I saw a tractor. I went to the scene with the tractor at my own expense. Facie it. Nobody knew about each other. Desperate people ünden Desperate teams bir The gendarmerie was waiting for news from the base to do something. They said, türlü There is no one living here, we have taken the inhabitants. Then my father came. They told three families that their relatives were in the hospital and tried to send us from there. When we went to the hospital with a hope of screaming Çorlu State Hospital, ambulances were coming. My father identified my son. I rejected this fact.

Reports revealing that there were many negligence that led to the accident was announced. Is that what you think? Do you think these reports are being taken seriously?

As I said from the beginning; it's not an accident, it's a chain of negligence, a murder caused by everyone who doesn't do this duty and responsibility. And those responsible for this chain of negligence should be tried ne The ban on broadcasting that came with the incident has already prevented the understanding of the extent of the incident. I've been asking since the accident; Why did the broadcast ban come? No response…

We lost our lives, 25 people. But in our country, unfortunately, 'dead and wounded' as the names of passing news. Nobody knows the size of the wounded wound. There are those who have a spinal cord that has been severed, there is a severed limb, there are still those who can't walk, and I'm seeing these people.

Injured… What does the injured mean? Dead kadar Dead is so easy! 25 people died and he died in their families with 25 people. And with the ban on publication, society did not find it. My biggest reaction was this. She's covered up and gone. It was a vase that was broken, the event was overturned, broken!

Subsequently, TCDD's holiday greeting was an event in which I reacted extremely. I'm still reacting. This congratulation shows that the disaster was not taken seriously by TCDD!


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Do you think it's silent in the train accident? What did the state do, what did it not do? Who do you think are responsible?
There's still silence. The only voice that comes out right now is my voice. Nobody called me after the accident. No one came to his condolences. Only once Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Canan Kaftancıoğlu and the Mayor of Beylikdüzü Municipality expressed their condolences. No one came out and did not make a statement about this incident, as did the families. Haa, the explanation was: The person appointed as expert witness, Mustafa Karaşahin, who is an expert in Pamukova train disaster, said irk a successful culvert Ha. Yes, a very successful culvert! I declare the aperture killer! The Ministry of Transport said, ış 145 is an unprecedented rainfall. Ulaştırma Then you will not run the train until the appropriate conditions are met. If you don't have a guard, if you don't have a controller, you can't run this train. They say oldu It is from God an, yes, rain was from Allah, but the accident was from omissions.

After a while, a similar incident took place on the Denizli line. It seems to continue after this. The TCDD which will be held responsible first is here; controls, controls. The Ministry of Transport will also question the TCDD. Not only in this case, many areas lack control. There is no life security in this country. If it were, the 25 person would not have lost their lives due to the uncontrolledness of a train operation, no accidents, no accidents, no rape of women and children Ol

Aladag, Soma, 10 October Ankara Station, such as the case of justice in the cases of events have not been provided. Do you believe that justice will be achieved in this case?
I believe there should be justice in this case. I can start by believing. Unfortunately, in previous cases, justice could not be reached, it was closed, these injustices and the remaining families remained wounded. I want this to be different, I want justice. I could end up tearing up families like cases in the end of justice. But this case will go as far as he can.

In fact, the statements made with the words ”Natural disaster, successful culvert lam. No more cases have been filed, what can you judge?

Two days after the incident, the train service started in the same place. People were dead there, got out of the train and got stuck in those muds. So everything is a field of slime, such as where a research, crime scene investigation was carried out also began the expeditions ... Therefore, I think there is a blackout of evidence. There is injustice, but I want to see that there is justice, to see that there are people of law who do their job correctly, with our objections.

I'm not in the power, I'm not responsible, I am responsible

In order not to forget the train crash in Çorlu, you constantly remind us on social media and criticize those responsible. Just because you were exposed to insults and attacks? What are they accusing you of?
They think that we act politically and attack someone. This event is an event that needs to be kept above politics. Which party would be the first response. Our lives will not come back, nothing can cool us; but at least I believe that something should be done to make these pains not to live in other people.

I think that those who insulted verbally, those who took the events to other places, and those who attacked, were especially those who were assigned to this task. I filed a criminal complaint. I hope he gets caught. I want to show that people who feel hurt like us, and who see the people who are suffering from the children who have the right to wear more ridiculous comments are being tried.

I am looking at those responsible for this neglect. I'm just saying my pain. I say that we should live justice together in this country.


Mısra Öz (Photo: Evrensel)

How are the other victimized families? Are they trying to get you to justice?
There is a solidarity between us and families, and there are often negotiations. We're trying to hear from each other. If they agree with me, we want to go to the end. This is a common case. We'il all be together for justice.

Do you have solidarity with you?
There's a big solidarity right now. There are volunteer lawyers, sensitive media workers who want to follow this case are trying to make our voices heard. This solidarity strengthens me. Because when this is happening and nobody calls, I asked myself where I live and I am a citizen of the country. I felt lonely and helpless. But I saw that there are still beautiful people in this country.
EVERY YEAR 276 Accident

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan 2003-2017 4-141 418 in the past days, the accident occurred in one thousand 2 people died and 627 thousand 276 people were injured, the annual average number of accidents XNUMX announced.

In the reports of the CHP, TMOBB and BTS after the train accident, the causes of the accident were listed as follows:

♦ doing just 11 road and gate control officer on duty throughout Turkey 39 thousand km of railway line; whereas 1200 should be a control officer.
♦ The 138 road tracker is used instead of 5 in the 1 kilometer zone in the region where the boiler is located. Accident on the week of Saturday-Sunday no one did not work, excessive rainfall when it was determined that the distress in the culprit was not detected.
♦ No matter how much rainfall, high flow and sediment load, road fill construction, behind the accumulated water to fill the filling and even under the fine grained soft ground should be built in such a way that it was not observed, it was observed.
♦ Due to the dynamic effect of the train passing over the hanging rail and sleepers due to the wear of the fillers, the wagons are thought to come out of the rails after the locomotive has passed.
♦ 17 from the accident indicates that the bureaucrats who have canceled the tender due to the adan lack of funds den were responsible for the accident and the deaths.
♦ In the 2013 Turkey enacted after the privatization of the railways with the Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport, drew attention to the source of the current problems and specialized staff spell of maintenance is lacking.
♦ In addition, it was also raised that the appointments for merit and knowledge in the organization were made over the last 20 years, based on the support of power.

Source : www.evrensel.net

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