Road Traffic Safety Management System from Mersin Metropolitan Again

International Standards Organization (ISO) published in 2012 'ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System' will be implemented by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey for the first time.

Businesses and institutions, and is an important way of uncovering and managing standards on risk for traffic safety 'ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System' to be implemented for the first time in Mersin, Turkey.

What is the purpose of Road Traffic Safety Management System?

ISO 2012 Road Traffic Safety Management System, which was published in 39001 and adopted by many European countries, has been used to reduce accidents and injuries caused by accident reduction, to ensure community satisfaction by reducing stress, to reduce the loss of work and labor, to prevent delays in service, to prevent accidental service and product loss. aims to ensure efficiency.

Provincial Security Directorate, General Directorate of Highways, district municipalities, 112 Emergency Service, Electricity Distribution Company, Natural Gas Distribution Company, Non-Governmental Organizations and Organizations that will be established in cooperation with AYKOME is planned to be minimized.

Metropolitan Municipality will make improvements in road and traffic safety with the analysis and evaluations it will make in this process. With this system, by identifying the risks that occur without accidents, it will ensure the necessary importance.

Traffic Accidents in the risk rate is high in Mersin Given that a million people in the 3 times more accidents average of Turkey with the number of traffic accidents 577 thousand 1.5 when increasing system with social sensitivity will be implemented to ensure the improvement of traffic culture.

Roadmap to follow

Within the scope of the road map to be followed with its stakeholders, the Metropolitan Municipality will determine a road traffic safety quality policy, carry out documentation studies, determine road traffic safety targets and provide awareness training. After the internal audit planning and meetings to be held, it will apply to TSE for the Road Traffic Safety Management System Certificate. Right to receive the Road Traffic Safety Management System Certificate after the document inspection to be carried out by TSE kazanwill ache.

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