Two Big Projects in Manisa Start in 2019

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Council's Ordinary Meeting of September held important decisions for Manisa. The necessary zoning plan arrangement related to Gediz Junction, which was followed by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality for a long time, was made. Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the region where Manisa had been wounded for years has been solved by the decision taken in the parliament and said the ball is now in the General Directorate of Highways.

The Ordinary Meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa was held in the presidency of Mayor Cengiz Ergün. Among the Agenda items, an important substance related to Gediz Junction was voted. President Ergun who made statements about the article, imiz We had a garage junction project we had been waiting for a long time. The project was prepared through consensus with the Ministry of Transport and Highways. It will be a junction where the high speed train will pass through, and the top traffic will flow. Top now on the highways. About 3,5-4 has been a process for this intersection. For months, we experienced nationalization problems. Due to the passing of the high speed train line, the project prepared by the Highways was canceled. Aytaç Bey's meetings in Ankara over and over again have finally reached a conclusion. I'm guessing I think the project will start in the first months of 2019. This council has been bleeding for many years since Manisa has resolved this decision today. May Allah also bless you to see the days when it ends Allah.

Ali Rıza Çevik School Project is OK
Among the agenda items of the Assembly, the protocol study on the renewal of Ali Rıza Çevik Primary School and parking underneath was also voted. President Ergun, who made statements on the subject, said:, The 1-2 which was the last of the previous year was planned by the benefactors to be made by the benefactors and the sub-car park was planned by the Metropolitan. Subsequently, it was not possible to park under the school. Now, after the initiatives and interviews, necessary permissions were obtained from the Ministry. The next process now begins to work in 2019, which I'm guessing by drawing the final implementation projects and completing the finance foot. There will be at least a car parking lot between 400 or 600, the public use of the project will be implemented. Metropolitan Municipality will do the parking while the Municipality of Şehzadeler will make the landscaping. It would be better for our Manisa. Man

Editing Ad and Ad Tax Payment Dates
The last payment date of Ad Tax has been regulated in the Parliament. Mehmet Güzgülü, Manisa Metropolitan City Council MHP Group Vice President, gave information about the subject. We matched the dates of Environmental Cleaning and other taxes taking into consideration the end of November and May. After that, advertising and advertising taxes can be paid in May or November in the metropolitan and district municipalities. Bundan

Eren Bulbul's Name Will Live in Manisa
On the other hand, the demand for the replacement of 'Bülbül street', which is located between Turgutlu, Özyurt Mahallesi, İbrahim Mosque and Limoncu Mosque, as Eren Bülbül Street, was accepted unanimously in the Metropolitan Municipality Council. Şehit Eren Bülbül'i mercy Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergun, said that the name of the martyrs live in Manisa. Following all the votes, President Ergün, 9 ended parliamentary assembly on Tuesday, October, to meet at 18.00.


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