The Route Will Be Converted To Izmir Again In Cruise

Cruise tourism created the şahlandırarak a special niche tourism example of the city of Izmir and Turkey Cruise Platform makes the captain Izmir Chamber of Commerce (Iztok), who interrupted the time since 2015 year and Carnival executives Izmir governing the xnumx's percent of the world cruise market 's public and private sector representatives met with. The executives who attended the meeting, which turned into a summit, gave a signal of redialing their routes.

Among the global giants in its sector, the cruise ship companies group Carnival Corporation & PLC Maritime Safety Director Ricardo Karakadze and the cruise ship security company Carnival Maritime Ship Safety Director and Firm Security Officer Hendrik G. Malmström met with industry stakeholders in the city at the meeting held at IZTO. came. Views were exchanged at the meeting, in which Izmir Police Department officials and port authorities also participated.


Speaking at the meeting, the company's official Ricardo Karakadze, the trip to risk assessment, everything is very professional and positive impression by pointing out that there is a safer image of Izmir in general perception of the country, he said. Izmir said they see it as a positive and safe Karakadz the city, gave the news they want to return to Turkey that cruise ships.


Hendrik G. Malmström, Carnival Maritime Ship Security Director and Company Security Officer, said that they would be able to do their reporting in a positive way, they would report to their sub-companies in the companies community, and that the decision of Carnival Corporation, which owns the 8 sub-company, could affect other cruise companies' communities. Malmström emphasized the importance of a city that wander the streets to understand, "I wish to come to Izmir in Turkey and so we should not wait," he said.


Stating that they are happy to bring the company executives to İzmir, İZTO Board Member Oğuz Özkardeş also pointed out that it is very important for cruise ships to return to the city. At the end of the meeting, stressing that it was once again understood that İzmir was the safest port in the cruise, he said, “Carnival officials are also agreed on this issue” and repeated the invitation to İzmir.


Özkardeş said: “We are delighted to host the cruise ship company officials in our Chamber and in Izmir years later. Our longing for cruise ships is never over. There is a longing around this table. ” Özkardeş stated that they did not leave the field even in difficult times as İzmir and went to countless fairs. Now senior representatives of all institutions sitting around this table dream of the ships that adorn the bay like a lace. We believe in this dream. ”


IMEAK Maritime Chamber of Commerce Izmir Branch Chairman stating that the security problems of Yusuf Ozturk cruise while in Izmir and Turkey's port, Carnival brand of the Group, said he believed Costain resumed flights to Izmir in the coming period.


Izmir Chamber of Commerce Board Member Oguz Ozkardes, chaired by the meeting, as well as the company officials Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Chairman Süleyman Sırrı Aydoğan, Izmir Deputy Police Chief Ahmet Çiftçi, Izmir Harbor Chairman Ahmet Apak, TCDD Izmir Alsancak Port Operations Manager Ismet Cambaz, Izmir Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Murat Karaçanta, IMEAK Chamber of Commerce Izmir Branch Chairman Yusuf Öztürk, Izmir Passenger Hall Customs Assistant Manager Rıza Çelikhan, Izmir Traffic Police Department Branch Manager Olcay Ceviz, Konak Municipality Municipal Police Director Tayyar Fırat, Board of Directors of İzmir Chamber of Commerce Member Ali Osman Öğmen, Secretary General Dr. Mustafa Tanyeri and members of the parliament and the committee attended.

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