Train Trolley in Kosovo: 2 Dead, 4 Injured

Passenger train crashed into the vehicle that wanted to cross the crossing in Drenas. 2 people were killed in the vehicle, which is the meter of the train, two of the heavy 4 children were injured.

The accident occurred yesterday at the 18: 48 level crossing in Drenas' Dush village. Kosovo Police Silk Zone SözcüSu Xhevat Ibra, a Mercedes-based vehicle crossing the level crossing trying to cross the train said. While the driver of the vehicle died at the scene, another woman in the car removed from the hospital despite all the intervention could not be saved. Two of the 7 and 5 children in the car are in severe condition and the treatment is in Pristina State Hospital. It was learned that the woman who died at the scene was the mother of two seriously injured children. Two other injured children are being treated at Ipek State Hospital.

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