Last Storey Intersection for Uninterrupted Traffic in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Kocasinan Boulevard and 30 August Storey Junction in the Danube found.

Mayor Mustafa Celik, on-site investments in different parts of the city continues to examine. Mayor Celik, Danube and 30 crossroads will cross the junction of the final status of the work and saw the latest status of the work received information about the work.

The works of the Danube and 30 August Storey Junction, which are built by the Metropolitan Municipality for the continuous flow of traffic on Kocasinan Boulevard, are progressing rapidly. Highways, Hospital and Istasyon Street, Nato and Fuzuli Multi-Storey Junctions completed by the Metropolitan Municipality, the last storey junction on the boulevard Danube and 30 August Storey Junction will open to traffic in the coming days.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Danube and 30 August Multi-Storey Junction saw the status of the work on the spot. President Celik, Kocasinan Boulevard on the completion of the last-storey junction of the boulevard DSI, Argıncık lights will become uninterrupted, he said.

The total length of the underpass at the Danube and 30 August Storey Junction is 780 meters. 130 meters at the Danube Junction and 30 meters at the 140 August Junction are closed sections.

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