Kabataş There is New Regulation in Martı Project

rough marti project
rough marti project

Kabataş There is a New Arrangement in Martı Project: Designed by İBB architect Kıran and built without the approval of the board 'Kabataş Although it announced that the Martı Project was not canceled, it announced that it would be reorganized.

As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is designed as a seagull with open wings, it is also known to the public as the 'Seagull Project'.Kabataş It was alleged that he canceled the Transfer Center Project. The project drawn up by architect Hakan Kıran; It contains piers filled with sea and a concrete structure in the form of a seagull to the shore line. According to the claim, the municipality canceled the land portion of the project, where the Protection Board did not have an approval decision. However, there were questions about whether there was a new project in the square.

Hakan Kıran, the architect of the project related to the subject, is an independent researcher who is sued by Kıran for eri İstanbul is Dubbed, arı Cihan Uzunçarşılı Baysal. Hakkı Sağlam spoke to BirGün.

Management savings implication

Hakan Kıran, the architect of the project, told him that no official explanation. En Right now is just a sensation, Kır said Kıran, aret Governments can have periodic savings. The thing to be reputed is the official statement İt. Kıran, said: “I have the same knowledge as you. No information came to me. Already we have prepared our projects before, we have completed our obligation. I was not notified in the notification, I did not see an official statement. No information, no sense. Everyone's calling, asking. We are making projects as architects. But governments can have periodic savings. The thing to be respected is the official statement. He didn't even show up. If they do, if they do, explain, if I need to comment. There is now a hypothetical conversation. Şu

Topbaş is gone, Kıran is gone too

'Kabataş Independent researcher Cihan Uzunçarşılı Baysal, whom Kıran filed a lawsuit for, due to his article entitled “Seagull Project: Istanbul's Dubonization and Architect's Ethics”, said: “The government does not listen to criticism. I do not think that the project was canceled with this concern because we said that we got up and said Istanbul is being made Dubai. Topbaş is gone, Kıran was also the favorite architect, now he is gone. Now, the mayor is given nearby, there is no seagull, something else happens. It's so informal that we don't know what it is. ”

The trial continues

Akif Burak Atlar from TMMOB, Kabataş The Pier Transportation Transfer Center stated that the lawsuits they filed for 1/5000 scale Master Development Plan and 1/1000 scale Application Development Plan Changes are continuing. Atlar said, “Because the construction of the transfer center is known as the seagull project in public, because the architectural project planned for the transfer center is in the form of a seagull. If the seagull project has been withdrawn as it is said, this may mean the cancellation of the architectural transfer project, not the Transportation Transfer Center plan decision. Since such project processes are not carried out with transparent and participatory methods, we have difficulty in accessing real information. However, regardless of the project construction and embankment area has progressed, unfortunate damages in the historical coastal protection area have unfortunately occurred. ”

It will be opened in March 2019.

CHP right Hakim said the project has not been canceled. Scott, ediy according to the wise I received no cancellation, the project continues. There will be a problem with expropriation, which is a matter of revision. According to my senses, the sea part is finished, the land will be started and will be put into service in March 2019 Duy.

5 question from TMMOB to IMM

TMMOB Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board (HRD) Secretariat Cevahir Efe Akçelik asked IMM five questions under the TM right to information K. Akçelik asked the IMM to answer the following questions:

  1. Kabataş Has the Pier Embankment and Its Surroundings Square Arrangement Project been canceled?
  2. How much has been spent, including publicity and advertisement expenses, and public damage within the scope of the project?
  3. Designed by the project Kabataş- How will Mahmutbey Metro line, sea transportation, tramway and funicular line integration be achieved?
  4. What will be the fate of Dolmabahçe Fındıklı land transportation traffic planned to be taken underground with the project?
  5. What will be the fate of the city bus stops planned to be underground with the project?


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