Parking Lot for Scrap Vehicles is Established in İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started to manufacture scrap vehicle parking lot in the area of ​​18 bin 349 square in Menemen for permanent solution to the scrap problem experienced throughout the city. The facility to cost 2.6 million liras will be 495 vehicle capacity and disabled-friendly.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has found a solution for scrap vehicles that have been abandoned in streets and streets, industrial sites and green areas, causing pollution. Menemen Kazımpaşa Mahallesi started the construction of a parking lot to be built for “abandoned scrap vehicles” on an area of ​​18 thousand 349 square meters, located on Seyrekköy Street. The facility, which will cost 2 million 643 thousand liras, will allow the abandoned scrap vehicles to be stored without creating environmental and visual pollution. The parking lot, which has a capacity of 495 scrap vehicles, will be a serious solution to the city's scrap problem. A retaining wall will be built for the facility where the trees will be protected; There will also be an office and toilets for disabled use. The project, the construction of which has started, is planned to be completed and opened for service within 7 months.

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