Towards a Strike Again in İZBAN

Conflicts were kept in the TİS talks between Demiryol-İş and İZBAN, and if the agreement is not reached during the mediation process, the workers will go on strike.

In the meeting between the railroad and İZBAN, no agreement was reached on the agreement between the two parties. 2 years ago workers in İZBAN rate hike failed to reach an agreement.

Collective bargaining negotiations between TCDD, which runs suburban transportation between Aliağa and Torbalı in İzmir, and İZBAN AŞ, a joint company of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, and Türk-İş affiliated rail-work union, started in the past months. TIS negotiations, which will be valid for the next 2 years and concern about 400 workers, have not been reached once again.

The union and İZBAN bureaucrats could not agree on the items that concern workers closely. The mediation process came into play when the conflict was under arrest. If the agreement cannot be reached in a month to be executed by the Ministry, the strike process will be initiated. The union raises a percentage rate of 28, 112 is demanding daytime bonuses and driving compensation for drivers. IZBAN 12 and 14 a hike offer, 90 day bonuses offered.


İZBAN employees produce services on the suburban line between Aliağa and Selçuk, the country's airport-connected, largest urban rail transit system. With the opening of the Torbalı-Selçuk line, reaching 40 stations and 136 kilometers, İZBAN carries around 500 thousand people a day.


In the previous TIS negotiations, no agreement was reached on the 11 percent hike offer and the union went on strike on 8 November 2016. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu had put the government together to end the strike. The strike, which lasted for 8 days, was ended after the meetings in Ankara. The demands of the İZBAN laborers were gradually accepted.

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