At the Pet Bottle, Fill the Akbilini Period Begins in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is signing a new project to prevent environmental pollution. Istanbul will be completed by filling the PET bottles into the automata. It will support the transformation of this akbil project how many pet bottles are filled to wonder how much. According to the IETT tariff, the Metrobus is 3,85 and the bus is 2,60 lira.

Especially in summer, the water consumption in pet bottles increases and the pet bottles thrown into the street are more prominent. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to launch an environmental service to prevent pet bottles from being thrown into the street. The companies that are made by ISBAK, one of the affiliates of the municipality, will ship to Istanbulkart in return for those who give pet bottles. When a pet bottle is recycled, it is not yet announced how much filling is to Istanbulkart.

Approximately 17 thousand tons of household waste is produced daily in Istanbul. 6 thousand tons of these wastes are processed in the waste collection and recycling centers of the Metropolitan Municipality and reintroduced to the economy.

The aim of the project is to create a recycling culture with the aim of collecting wastes with economic value through vending machines.

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