Istanbul New Airport Transportation Tender Today

The company, which will transport to the Third Airport for 10 years, will be determined by the tender of IETT General Directorate today. It is stated that it will be 30 lira for citizens coming from Pendik and 12 lira for citizens coming from Kemerburgaz, which is the closest distance.

According to the report of Gamze Bal from Cumhuriyet, the fact that the company, which will carry to Istanbul Third Airport for 10 years, will be determined by the IETT General Directorate today, has turned its eyes into a monopolization in air transportation. Citizens who want to reach the new airport built at a remote point of the city will have to pay not for the bus lines that İBB should operate, but for the transportation of a private company that won the tender. This payment will reach 30 TL for the citizen coming from Pendik, and will cost 12 TL to a citizen in Kemerburgaz, the closest distance. However, considering that these bus services have additional transportation costs to go to the departure points, this rent will double the price and burn the consumer's pocket.

The fact that the bus lines that will be provided to the new airport will be provided by the winning company, there was a reaction from a name in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Isi The 150 does not do this year, but the IMM does not do these expeditions, or said İBB Council Member Hakkı Sağlam. A firm that AKP does not want cannot participate in the tender. If they do, they keep the tender price close to the cost, so that it can look 'at a loss'. They earn close to them after winning the firm that profit is a percentage increase 20 'he said.

A similar situation was experienced in the Üsküdar-Ümraniye metro line, reminiscent of Sağlam, ığ The metro in question was awarded to 573 million Euros. 24 brought the 112 million Euro discovery increase after months. They were unable to provide an explanation on the question of why this increase was caused by a parliamentary question and could not provide an explanation to the public. Bu

Other countries in the world in airports, consumers expressing that provided transportation to the metro Protection Association (TUKODER) Deputy Chairman Thanksgiving Eroglu, for the opening of a special bus service rant in Turkey, "in this case to do business with the company supports him, that partisanship is the removing of service quality to the fore killing, the consumer's most basic rights of travel is also expensive, en he said.

Eroglu, Havas in Istanbul, Havatas and Havabus continued with the continuation of the new tenders and continued the monopolization of Istanbul, also underlined that jumped to provinces outside.

Prices are twice as expensive

Honorary President of the Consumer Application Center Aydin Agaoglu, even the nearest distance to the new airport prices should be twice as much as the need to be noted. Laştır The public transport fee that can be delivered from one end of the city to the other is not 30 TL. There are situations that should not be in the free market, en said Ağaoğlu. Ağaoğlu said, le While the public authority for the travel right of the consumer should take measures to facilitate facilitation rather than making it difficult, transportation with high prices is against the constitution and consumer rights. 6 of the Constitution. According to the article, the consumer must be protected. Do our citizens come from one end of the city to the narrow income citizens? Iz said.

A citizen traveling with a suitcase will want to take a taxi, but there is a monopolization in the taxi voiced by the Ağaoğlu, ın a taxi from the outside of the airport and a passenger leaving the airport, the airport will not take passengers, will return empty. While full competition must be achieved, the airport has a monopoly. It is important for the national economy that the taxi does not return empty. UKOME should not allow it. UK

According to the backstage we get from the IMM, the 18 bus will be built in Istanbul and will be transported between Istanbul New Airport and 150 by Altur Tourism. It is also known that the company also transported IMM. Abdurrahim Albayrak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Altur Tourism, is also known for his close relationship with former Vice President of Galatasaray SK and President Erdoğan. The company, which started its operations in 1976, started to provide passenger and commercial vehicle sales and service with Xantom and Volkswagen and Seat main dealerships. 2005 provides 2006 services to the operational leasing company with 220 vehicles.

Bulgaria claims to pay

Another discussion about the new xnumx.havalim, the airport's aircraft for Turkey will be forced to use Bulgarian airspace was experienced with the introduction of a payment related to the making serious. CHP Deputy Chairman Gamze Akkus was İlgez, a plane flying from Istanbul to Ankara, due to the use of the airspace from Bulgaria to Bulgaria said that Turkey will pay, subject to Parliament moved.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure responds to the question submitted by İlgez. Kalkış All of the routes that any domestic flights will take to the new airport for landing or departure are in our country's airspace. The claim that any domestic flights use the airspace of Bulgaria, Romania or another country and in exchange for the payment of the treasury is completely unrealistic. Herhangi

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