İGA also Accepted Negligence at Third Airport

IGA also agreed that the working conditions in the construction of the Third Airport were 'bad enough to pose a life-threatening risk', which was created by the partnership of five companies.

According to the news of Seyhan Avşar from Cumhuriyet, Mehmet Salmazzem was seriously injured in the third airport construction site where he worked as a dump truck driver on March 3, 2017. Salmazzem, whose waist was broken, was sentenced to bed for a long time and sued all those responsible. IGA's negligence was admitted in the accident report prepared by Selmaz Işık, the Occupational Safety Specialist (OHS) of the company, which entered the case file and built the airport.

In the report, eksiklik All subcontractors who work in the construction site were informed of the maintenance and repair of trucks and work machines, but due to lack of maintenance and repair of Orkun Nakliyat's vehicle, an accident occurred. “


Salmazzem, who has four children, came from Muş to Istanbul to work at the third airport. He settled in an apartment in Esenler, where the workers at the airport construction stayed, and he was injured as a result of the tipper falling down during the excavation casting. Salmazzem, whose waist was broken, became bedridden. He could not be taken to his hometown with his family, as he was forbidden to move from him for months. In this process, the workers who shared the same house were taken care of. Salmazzem carried the matter to the judiciary. He filed a complaint with the five companies that made up the İGA Airport Construction Ordinary Partnership Commercial Enterprise.


The accident report, included in the case file filed at the Istanbul 5th Labor Court, revealed the negligence that led to death with all its nakedness. In the report, it is stated that all sub-employers operating in the construction site, including Orkun Nakliyat, are warned to have their trucks and construction equipment maintenance, repaired and checked. kazanoccurred was recorded.


In the IGA Subcontractors' OHS Coordination meeting report made before the accident, the following information took place: yer It was determined that the number of accidents caused by the piston breakage was increased. It is believed that the piston breaks the piston by the effect of the load by moving left and right while the piston is removed. As a result of breakage of the piston, the piston enters into the driver's seat and poses a serious risk. Piston strength tests must be done urgently. Dayan

Source : www.cumhuriyet.com.t is


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