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📩 24/12/2018 17:12

Turkey's introductory meeting was held teknofest which play an important role in achieving the national target technology. T TEKNOFEST will be the meeting point of technology producers and investors, Toplantı said President Uysal. With this festival, a big economy will be formed. Bu

Istanbul Aviation, Space and Technology Festival has begun the countdown to TEKNOFEST. Turkey Technology Team Foundation and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will be held under the leadership teknofest introductory meeting was held at the Aviation Museum in Yesilkoy. Meeting in Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Mevlut Uysal, Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin, Fatih Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Kacar, Turkey Technology Team Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman Selcuk Bayraktar, ASELSAN General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, Rector of National Defense University Dr. Erhan Afyoncu, representatives of stakeholder organizations who supported the festival and many guests attended.

Uysal pointed out the importance of TEKNOFEST in the development of national technology in his speech and said milli İstanbul is a city with the first flight experiment experience in its history. Since the flight trial of Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, we have a memory that is rich in aviation and space studies but which is intended to be forgotten. For this reason, we stand by every attempt to prevent the development and development of our country and other countries. We are trying to offer every technological service that is effective and sustainable in the smart city concept. We are one of the best using technology in this field. At the same time, we invest in our future youth and offer opportunities. We encourage young people to invent inventions in our Try-To workshops. We bring entrepreneurs and investors together with Zemin İstanbul. Soon we start the work of the Golden Horn Science Center. We are mobilizing all our opportunities as IMM for the high value added technologies to take place faster in our lives. Kat

Stating that the festival will make a great contribution to the country's economy, Uysal said, al This festival will be the meeting point of technology producers and investors. With this festival, a big economy will be formed. Entrepreneurs summit with TEKNOFEST come from all over because the world has a different feature 750 up entrepreneurs investment opportunities and in Turkey, Istanbul and technology which is moving in the direction of the world and see the competition from countries producing other technologies will consider investing in the future is uncertain. Teknofest will add value to Istanbul's brand value. The energy of our youth will be included in the accumulation of Istanbul and Turkey. Today, the young people who will compete in the festival will lead the development of our country as owners or public managers of technology producing companies in the coming years. In this context, this festival will fire new breakthroughs both economically, technologically, mentally and psychologically. Bu

Uysal emphasized that young people should be self-confident for the development of national technology, adet TEKNOFEST, ım You can not do, you can not catch them ın saying that the brain of our people almost like the surrounding walls of Istanbul will be the biggest answer to those trying to put obstacles. This festival will open a holy breach in the walls formed in minds by the expression of Master Necip Fazıl. About 400 years ago Hezafen Çelebi's flight from the Galata Tower to the present day in our country, everyone can see the work done in the field of aviation and space. Young people, yap We can do. We can do the best. Is I invite all Istanbul residents to come to this festival. Come on, our children and our young people get informed about developments in Turkey and the world. Turkey should be able to have confidence they are seeing, "he said.

IETT will organize the FREE SEFER
IMM took the necessary measures to enable citizens to have easy and fast access to TEKNOFEST. Free transportation from IETT buses will be provided from different points of Istanbul.

Stating that the period of victory won by the square wars, Governor Sahin said,, We are in an age where technology, science, science collide, compete. If we miss this fact, we will be left behind in this age when we were in the Information Revolution as in the Industrial Revolution. Our state, non-governmental organizations, our science world, are aware of this and carry out important works by acting with this awareness. I congratulate this effort. This festival also meets Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's words ”İstikbal is in the heavens Bu. At the same time, young people with the consciousness of katkı Istiklal Köklerdirir hem will produce national technology for this country and contribute to the development of both the state and the nation. The young generation who will produce the future technology in the name of his country will be trained and motivated by these festivals. For this reason, we also support TEKNOFEST as the Governorate. We are working to bring thousands of students together with technology. Bin

Mr. Fatih Kacır said that they will sign the firsts of TEKNOFEST and said, ac We will perform TEKNOFEST with the contributions of 30 partner organization. 20-23 14 between September contest, contestant thousand 2, 750 teams competing for Turkey. These races will be held for the first time in a rocket competition in Turkey's history. Thus the world will be held in Turkey in the second contest of the rocket. The competition started in Tuz Lake and 3 will launch 28 team rockets to the sky during the day. Again, very important for us to fight the UAV competition will be held within the scope of Teknofest. Other competitions are as follows; robotics conquest 1453 competition, UAV supported Unmanned Ground Vehicle competition, UAV race, humanity technology competition, model airplane competition, model satellite competition, robotics competition, rocket competition, unmanned underwater systems competition, lot of UAV competition and artificial intelligence competition. In addition to the competitions, we will provide a full program for the guests with many activities such as jet aircraft shows, parachute jumps, gliders, helicopters and acrobatics shows, simulation applications, planetarium, wind tunnel, ATAK and A400M aircrafts exhibition. Yarış

TEKNOFEST with young people stressed that they will not prepare today's technology Selcuk Bayraktar, "Today the most important reason we do this meeting will provide the technology to develop and manufacture high value added is Turkey's national technology moves. TEKNOFEST has a very important role in the realization of the national technology move. It is very important in terms of raising our country to the position it deserves to develop national technologies in the field of aviation and space. With this festival, we aim to raise awareness in the field of national technology among young people. Today, the seeds thrown with these competitions will gain the production of national technologies under the leadership of young people competing in this field in our country in the future. With TEKNOFEST, we prepare our young people for the technology of the future, not for today's technology. In addition to many competitions and activities, we invite everyone to come together with their family, not only with their family, but also to the festival, which will be a surprise event that will echo the world. Birçok

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