New Academic Year Measures from IMM

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is launching a new project this year within the framework of the "Smart City Planning" concept. In the 2018-2019 academic year, parents will be able to learn the service fees, inquire about the service and driver online.

The 17.09.2018: 06 - 00: 14 will be free of charge for public transport (including Ticket Integration) on the 00 date of the school day.

Given by IMM; School service vehicles and drivers will not be able to transport schools without the use of the itinerary and use of public transport. Documents will be completed until the schools open.

Within the scope of the measures to be taken due to the 2018-2019 academic year, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Presidency of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure 1st Regional Directorate, Provincial Directorate of National Education, Provincial Security Directorate, Provincial Gendarmerie Command, İSPARK A.Ş., Şehir Hatları A.Ş. , An action plan to be implemented at the meeting was prepared at AKOM with the participation of İDO A.Ş., Istanbul Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Istanbul General Service Vehicles Chamber.

In 2018 - 2019 Academic Year in Istanbul, 2.714.030 students and 151.604 teachers will start the lesson. In this academic year, 18.000 students will be transported with 300 school shuttle vehicles.


With a new application implemented by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for the first time in the year, the parents, learn all about the services and service transportation fees. With the 'REGISTERED SHOCKER INQUIRY ebil, the driver will be able to find out if the driver is registered in the system. If the driver is registered in the system; The phrase Yap Service is suitable for driving in transport of will appear on the screen.

REGISTERED SERVICE TOOL INQUIRY the service of the vehicle with which it is registered to the name of the person or company is registered and if the service is appropriate to do. If the vehicle is registered in the system; The name c Service-Free ”will appear on the screen with the name of the company / carrier.

SCHOOL SERVICE FEE CALCULATION After selecting the school type, the starting and ending points will be marked on the map and the school service fees will be calculated by the UKOME. In case the school type is selected as X pre-school, primary school and secondary school edilerek, wages will be automatically added to the fee by 35 personnel.

In the meetings held at AKOM with representatives of the relevant institutions, a series of measures were taken for preschool and after school.


  • School service vehicles will be able to use school gardens during student loading-unloading and parking.
  • In the vicinity of the school, students will get off the vehicles and enter the school building.
  • Service addresses of the students who will use the service and contact information will be provided in the service drivers and announced to the parents.
  • Information about the school addresses, telephone numbers, student capacities and school principals will be sent to the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Provincial Security Directorate and IMM Directorate of Municipal Police.

IETT and Metro Istanbul Total Capacity Increases
- In addition to the existing 4.840 buses and 453 metrobuses, 349 buses and 90 metrobuses will be installed by IETT.
- On the day the schools are opened, it is aimed that approximately 5.397 private vehicles will be withdrawn from traffic and 596.083 passengers will be directed to public transportation systems with a total of 894.124 additional flights to be carried out by Metro Istanbul and IETT.

- There are 119 parking lots belonging to İSPARK AŞ in the school environment.
- On the day the schools are opened, free shuttle parking will be provided to the school shuttle vehicles.

Apart from the field personnel of the Istanbul Police Department, the personnel working in the office will be supported, and 83 motorcycle and 156 police crews will work.

  • Material damage to the road on the road will be interfered with the 189 units hammer within the Provincial Police Department.
  • In order to ensure the flow of traffic, 47 police will be deployed together with 475 pedestrian staff at school circles and critical points.
  • The Mobile School Teams will be able to respond to all kinds of security problems that may occur in and around the school by intervening in the fastest way and solve the problem on the spot.
    In the central arteries and school circles, traffic routing will be conducted in coordination with the municipal police and the parking lots will be prevented.
  • IDO and service rooms will coordinate the school shuttle vehicles with the IDO car ferries.
  • On the day the schools are opened, the staff of the District Police Departments will also assist in the provision of traffic.

In order to fulfill the traffic, security and public order services in the regions within the jurisdiction of the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Gendarmerie Traffic will take measures with the help of adequate numbers and personnel in the front and near the schools, as well as the security intervention, crime prevention and research patrols.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Directorate
- For applications, İBB White Table will provide coordination by making organizations with relevant institutions and organizations.
- Brochures prepared by the Directorate of Public Transport Services will be distributed by 153 White Tables and parents will be informed.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Directorate,
- 'I AM SENSITIVE DRIVE' signs will be hung on the signal poles for 1 week.
- Signaling, urban traffic cameras and lane lines will be completed where necessary before the beginning of the education period.
- Istanbul traffic will be monitored from the city cameras and the blocked arteries will be reported to the relevant units and resolved immediately.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Municipal Police Department
- The Provincial Police Department will form the program of joint work with the Provincial Gendarmerie Command and District Municipal Teams and will actively work with 2018 staff in schools among 2019 police officers in the 1000-215 academic year.
- The locations and contact information of the towers that will assist the safety teams in the accidents that may occur on the day of opening the schools will be transferred to the relevant units.
- It will work in coordination with 12 attractive Provincial Traffic Directorates as reinforcements.

  • In the morning and in the evening after the opening of the schools and in the morning and in the evening, a sufficient number of municipal police officers will be assigned in the school circles and will conduct coordinated traffic supervision with the district police and police officers.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department and Transport and Infrastructure Department 1. Regional Directorate

  • There will be no work on the construction site during the week. All issues that will prevent traffic will be eliminated and the works will be started gradually.
  • Existing studies will be completed before the opening day of the school. It will be ensured that the strip-reducing or traffic-blocking apparatus placed during the operations will be recovered.
  • Essential studies will be continued in the night shift. (22: 00-05 to 00)
  • İSKİ, İGDAŞ, AYEDAŞ, TÜRK TELEKOM, BEDAŞ etc. who have been working on infrastructure works. the institutions will be contacted in advance and the work will be completed until the opening week of the academic year.
  • During the first 2 school day, school service vehicles will be used primarily by car ferries.
  • On the day the schools are opened, full-day free parking space will be provided to school service vehicles.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce - Ist. Umum Service Tools Shop
- They will provide the necessary information for the vehicles, drivers and guiding staff to work in accordance with the relevant legislation.

  • The address and contact information of the students who use the service at least one week before the beginning of the academic year will be obtained from the school principals and the routes will be determined.
  • 'ALO 153' will be posted to the service vehicles for the public to complain when necessary.

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