IMM collects 2 Bin 800 garbage dumps with local boats

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams regularly clean the surface of the sea every day. In the first 8 of this year, about 2 thousand 800 cubic meters (140 trucks) were collected from the sea surface and sent to recycling centers.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Environmental Protection and Control Department and IMM subsidiary ISTAC collects floating sea surface wastes with the local production Sea Surface Cleaning Boat (DYT). DYT crews consisting of a captain, sailor and a mechanic send waste to the recycling center of ISTAC in Istanbul. Here, the waste is sent to the recycling centers to get garbage gas. In Istanbul, the daily electricity demand of the 5 bin is met by these and similar collected garbage.

İBB has been cleaning the shore, beach and sea surface throughout the year. In this way, by keeping the environment clean and by keeping the sea clean, DenizBank creates a healthy environment for the sea creatures.

600 year of fishing line, 450 year of plastic bottle, 50 year of sponge and buoy, 20 year of plastic bag, 2 year of cigarette butt, 2 year of paper piece, blends into nature in XNUMX months.

Floating solid wastes in the Bosporus, Marmara, Golden Horn and creek mouths are cleaned with conveyor belt system (solid materials are continuously transported to long distances horizontally or within certain limits). 8 8 cubic meters (2 trucks) were collected from the seas in the first 800 month of the year with domestic production 140 units. The amount of waste collected during sea surface pollution, which changes according to the seasonal conditions, can reach up to 5 thousand cubic meters per year.

Sea surface cleaning teams also collect the wastes accumulated in the barriers established by the river in order to prevent the transportation of solid wastes from the rivers to the seas. The collected streams and the streams combined with the seas are prevented from damaging the environment.

İBB, Eminönü Üsküdar and Yenikapı, da How do you think our seas remain cleaner? Imiz 11 questioned the question of the question. The majority of the respondents answered this question as bu Education and Awareness Anket. İBB also focused on training seminars in schools and public institutions. In the first 2018 of 8, 46 training and awareness activities were organized with CSOs and volunteers.

In addition to cleaning works carried out on the sea surface, coasts and beaches, İBB also provides training and seminars for citizens on environmental cleanliness. In this context, IMM gave environmental awareness training to the 2017 thousand students in the 2018 School in 50-5 Education and Education Year by the Provincial Directorate of National Education.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will continue its training and seminar programs in order to raise awareness of citizens against environmental and marine cleanliness at 2019. İBB organized a training project with the Provincial Directorate of National Education to enc Keep our sea clean İl and plans to raise the number of students with 2018 thousand in the 2019-5 Education Year to 10 thousand students. IMM Directorate of Traffic for primary and secondary schools by the traffic education centers in the annual İ traffic ”education this year, the yıl environment ine will be added to the IMM, in this way, many more students aim to instill environmental awareness. Within the framework of the trainings, the students will continue their training activities with IMM, NGO and environmental volunteers who visit the Galata Bridge, Arnavutköy, Aşiyan, Üsküdar, Zeytinburnu, Yenikapı, Paşabahçe, Beykoz Beach amateur fishing areas and fishing cooperatives.

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