Access to Zamac in Eskisehir

In Eskişehir, transportation charges that have remained unchanged for the 2 period have been revised due to the large increase in costs, particularly in electricity and fuel expenses.

After the decision of the UKOME Smart ESKART price 2 pounds 2 pounds 50 penny, the discount smart ESCART price 1 35 1 penny 60 penny 2 kuruş rose. Smart single pass ESCIPE 70 lira 3 cents 50 lira 2 penny, single pass discount ESBİLET 55 3 25 Xurus 30 pound 35 penny rose. Citizens will pay 2 cents instead of 25 cents when transferring from buses or trams. Minibus prices 2 75 XNUMX lira XNUMX pound XNUMX kuruş rose.

The transportation fees of the S-plate special service vehicles were also regulated. 0 3 pounds 108 pound 129 pounds 0 pounds 6 pounds 113 pounds 136 pounds 0 10 118 pounds 142 pounds 0 pounds 15 pound 124 pounds 149 XNUMX mileage school vehicle charges XNUMX pounds XNUMX pounded.

Metropolitan Municipality officials, the latest realized hike in August 2016, but the last period of increasing electricity and fuel costs, especially in the 2 spare parts to many personnel, including a significant increase in the expense occurred stating, by the decision of UKOME stated that the hike was implemented.

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